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2020 NRA Championship Schedule

There’s a lot in store for shooting in enthusiasts since the newly released 2020 NRA Championship schedule. The three NRA National Matches factions – pistol, small-bore, and high-power rifle – will take place at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. With the help of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), the NRA coordinated a convenient schedule without conflicts. For instance, the Bianchi Cup National Action Pistol Championship will again be hosted by the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club in Hallsville, Missouri. Although the Bianchi Cup is known as the NRA’s official National Championship, Green Valley will assume administration for the match. Likewise, each of the four NRA National Silhouette Championships will be orchestrated by the Ridgway Rifle Club in Pennsylvania, and the NRA will continue to back all four championships, as they have done since their inception.

New Changes Underway

The biggest highlight of the 2020 NRA Championship schedule, by far, is Camp Atterbury and the new pistol and small-bore range. To complete this project smoothly, the NRA has recruited some of the best talents in the industry, such as competitive shooter and legend, Mid Tompkins, and former Rifle Programs Manager, George Harris. With so many expert contributions to the recent 2020 NRA Championship schedule, there’s a lot to anticipate with the new NRA Marksmanship Competition Center at Atterbury as a shooting wonderland for contestants.

“This is going to be a phenomenal range for shooters,” said Tompkins when asked about the new range at Camp Atterbury during the NRA High Power Nationals last year. [1]

The new range will be 1,500 yards long, designed for both small-bore rifle and precision pistol competition and its location is 6 square miles of an impact box meant for the use of the National Matches. This will create ample room for contestants with 200 covered shooting spots on an asphalt fire line, as well as a statistical office located several yards away from the firing line.

National Junior Air Gun Championships

The air gun discipline on the 2020 NRA Championship schedule will be split up into two tournaments – one for 3-Position and the other for Standing – and each match will have awards for sporter and precision rifle shooters. Only Junior competitors can participate, and the match will be hosted by the Central Illinois Precision Shooters at the Central Illinois Shooting Range in Bloomington from April 30 to May 2.

If you’re attending, you’ll also have the chance to chow down on some delicious BBQ pork and midwestern side dishes at the match’s BBQ party on April 30 and enjoy a fun night of prizes and meeting the contestants on May 1.

If you’d like to learn more about the NRA national matches in 2020 or would like to get your hands on the innovative FX Impact, give our airgun professionals at Palm Beach Airguns a call at 561-331-6731 today.


[1] Shooting Sports USA – 2020 NRA National Championship Schedule

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