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Airgun Golf Is As Cool As It Sounds

Sick of your old, boring air gun targets? Well that has all changed with the invention of a new air gun target that we didn’t realize we needed. We are talking, of course, about Airgun Golf. The latest craze sweeping the pellet popping community.

What is Airgun Golf?

Airgun Golf is a peculiarly awesome and relatively new form of air rifle practice that is as cool as it sounds, but also nothing like it sounds. No, you will not be playing a round of golf while lugging around an air rifle like a crazy person on the course. Instead, you will shoot at exploding golf balls, made specifically for air rifle pellets.

Visit the Airgun Golf Website to see more!

What Are the Rules?

There are no rules except: don’t miss. Airgun Golf balls make for great air gun targets because they explode as they’re hit, and they leave a white powdery dust in the air. It’s a fantastic feeling when you hit your target.

There really is something extremely satisfying about watching your target explode when you hit it head on!

What Are Some Fun Ways to Play Airgun Golf?

The Airgun Golf website lists 3 ways to play the game, though these seem more like suggestions and not rules.

  • Caddy Hack

The caddy keeps picking a different gun for each hole! Think you can still beat your opponent?

  • Putt Putt Pink

Approach the “hole” of this game carefully! Knock down two targets before you can take a shot at the “hole.”

  • MulliGUN

You won’t want to miss a shot in this game! If you do, use a MulliGUN and get a second chance at making the shot.

We recommend using a high powered air rifle like the Daystate Red Wolf, to get the most out of your air gun target practice.

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