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The Difference Between Air Gun Magazines and Firearm Magazines

three rotary air gun magazines

Air rifles are similar to regular firearms because many of them also utilize magazines in order to shoot multiple rounds of ammo. The main difference between air gun magazines and firearm magazines is the type of ammo they carry. Since pellets are much smaller than bullets, air rifle magazines are typically smaller than firearm magazines. If a pellet magazine comes in a similar size to a firearm magazine, it will likely be able to carry a lot more rounds of ammo. 

Pellets Instead of Bullets

One of the big differences between air guns and fire arms is that pellets serve as air gun ammunition while bullets serve as firearm ammunition. Pellets are made up of one solid top section and a hollow funnel-shaped lower section referred to as a skirt. The most common design is the diablo pellet. Diablo pellets are often made of solid lead with the tips sometimes made up of other materials like brass or synthetic polymers.

On the other hand, bullets are projectiles made of a variety of materials, most commonly solid metals like copper and steel. Bullets are contained in a cartridge which includes a metallic case, a rim, propellant like gunpowder, and primer that ignites the propellant. In most cases, bullets are larger than pellets, especially when they are encased with their cartridges.

three rotary air gun magazines

Magazines With or Without Clips

A magazine is a device or chamber for holding a supply of ammunition to be fed into a repeating weapon. Internal magazines are built into the structure of the gun while detachable magazines can be removed for refilling. The first mass-produced magazines were internal tubular magazines that fed lever-action rifles. Most modern air gun magazines are detachable rotary magazines like the ones that come with the FX Impact 30 Caliber and the Brocock Commander Hi-Lite. Some air rifles also come with detachable box magazines, which are also called stick magazines.

A clip is a device used to hold a bunch of ammunition together as a unit which will then be inserted into a magazine. Due to undersized pellets, only a few air guns require clips. Many rotary magazines for air rifles do not require a clip such as the FX Crown Magazine. The rifle operator inserts the pellets directly into the magazine. There are stick magazine fed air rifles that use chain clips to hold together multiple pellets. Overall, clips are more common in firearms than they are in air guns.

Best Magazine Fed Air Rifles

Palm Beach Air Guns has a large selection of new air guns for sale as well as pre-owned air guns. If you are looking at repeat shooting air rifles, check out the Daystate Red Wolf HP with its 10-shot Daystate magazine or the FX Impact Power Plenum, which has a rotary magazine capacity of 40 shots! Contact us today for more information on what we have in stock.

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How to Put A Bipod On Your Air Rifle

air rifle mounted on a bipod

A bipod is a gun attachment commonly used on long-barreled weapons such as air rifles, rifles, and machine guns. Airgun bipods are used to support and add stability to the weapon by providing forward rest and reducing motion. Airgun operators can rest their weapon on the ground or other objects with a bipod, decreasing the chances of fatigue and increasing shooting accuracy.

There are many benefits of installing a bipod on your air rifle. A lot of new airgun rifle designs include a Picatinny rail for easy bipod attachment such as the FX Impact 30 Caliber and the FX Dreamline Lite. However, for airgun rifles with a more traditional stock, bipods are attached on the front sling stud. Some airguns come with sling studs already built in, but in many cases, you will need to put in a sling stud into the front of your rifle’s stock.

If your air rifle has a more traditional synthetic or wood stock like the FX Crown Air Rifle and the Diana Outlaw, you will either need to put in sling studs yourself or have a gunsmith do it before you can mount a bipod. If you will be doing it yourself, read on to learn how to put a bipod on an air rifle.

air rifle mounted on a bipod

How to Install a Bipod Onto Your Air Rifle

What You Will Need:

  • Power Drill
  • Drill Bits in Varying Sizes
  • Pack of 2 Sling Studs
  • Masking Tape
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Box Nail
  • Allen Wrench
  • Bi Pod

How to Install Sling Studs Into Your Rifle:

  1. From your pack of sling studs, take out the shorter of the two.
  2. Measure the length of your sling stud’s thread.
  3. Mark that length with a piece of masking tape on each of the drill bits you will be using. This prevents you from drilling too deep into your rifle’s stock.
  4. When gathering your set of drill bits, start with a 1 mm drill bit for the pilot hole. Then add more drill bits in, slowly increasing sizes until you get to a drill bit with a diameter equal or closest to the thread diameter of your sling stud.
  5. Detach the stock from your air rifle.
  6. Mark with masking tape where you want to drill the hole on your stock. It should be toward the front end of your stock on the bottom. Use a ruler to center the point where you will drill and use a pencil to mark it with a cross.
  7. Using a box nail and a hammer, break the surface of the stock where you’ve marked a cross.
  8. Starting with the 1 mm drill bit, drill perpendicular to the bottom of your stock.
  9. If your drill gets stuck on your stock, detach the power drill from the drill bit, take the drill bit out, attach it back onto the power drill, and start drilling into the hole you made again.
  10.  Drill until you reach the line you made with masking tape earlier.
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 with drill bits of increasing size until you get to the drill bit with a diameter equal or closest to your sling stud’s thread diameter.
  12. Twist your sling stud with the washer it came with into the hole with an Allen wrench until it is tight. Make sure the holes on your sling stud are facing outward, facing the right and left sides of the stock.

How to Mount a Bipod Onto Your Rifle:

  1. Mount the bipod onto the sling stud by loosening the bipod’s tension screw.
  2. Open the two-barbed mechanism on the bipod that looks like a clip. Clip it onto the sling stud, making sure the two barbs line up with the holes on the sling stud.
  3. Twist the bipod’s tension screw until the bipod lays flat and straight on the stock. Twist until it is finger tight.
  4. You can tighten it some more with pliers or an Allen wrench, but don’t secure the bipod too tight or you might damage your air rifle.
  5. Flip open the legs and you are ready to use your bipod mounted air rifle.

Palm Beach Air Guns has a large selection of airgun accessories and attachments. Browse through our selection of airgun bipods and monopods. The VA Atlas Bipod Quick Detach and the Accu-Tac FC-5 Quick Detach are definitely ones to check out. We also offer a great selection of airguns including pre-owned airguns for those seeking lower prices. Contact us today for more information on what we have in stock.

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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Airgun Owners

fx impact mkii 700mm

Happy New Year! Now that the holiday season is over, life is returning to normal as we drop off our kids at school and head to work again. While getting your life back on track, revamping the way you use and maintain your arsenal of airguns this new year doesn’t hurt either. In the end, you’ll thank yourself for being a responsible owner of your airguns. With that said, our experienced and licensed team at Palm Beach Airguns share 3 New Year’s resolutions for airgun owners.

Clean Your Air Rifles

Cleaning and maintenance are two of the most important New Year’s resolutions for airgun owners. Making sure your collection of FX Airguns are in working order and cleaning out any gunk is a great way to start the new year. When cleaning an air rifle, make sure to read the user’s manual first before proceeding to make sure you clean it properly. Rotating your magazines’ ammunition with fresh ammo will also help your air rifle to function smoothly.

Switch Out the Batteries in Your Airgun Safe

If you keep your airguns in a safe, the last thing you want is to enter the combination and not have the door pop open. Sometimes, gun safes seem to be working after you enter the combination because you’ll hear the click of the lock, but the door won’t budge. This is because your safe needs new batteries and you should switch them out for the new year. Sure, you’ll have to spend a pretty penny to replace the batteries, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Book a Training Course

Even though you may be well-seasoned in handling airguns, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on your knowledge of air gun safety now and again. Another one of our New Year’s resolutions for airgun owners is to book a training course in 2020. A tool is only as good as its owner and it doesn’t hurt to sharpen your skills and knowledge about air gun safety in the new year. Taking a course will keep you from getting rusty and you’ll thank yourself later for doing so!

Making these necessary changes to your airgun maintenance routine this new year can improve your overall experience. If you’d like to share your New Year’s resolutions as an airgun owner or have any questions about our vast inventory of air rifles, contact a member of our team at 561-331-6731 today!

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Air Gun Safety Tips

caution signs

Air guns and rifles can be thrilling to use when plinking, hunting, or simply enjoying friendly competition at your favorite shooting range. Though shooting air guns can be enjoyable, you must be responsible for handling them. Not doing so can lead to serious injury to yourself and others – or even worse. Our air gun team at Palm Beach Airguns discusses important air gun safety tips to help you be a more responsible shooter.

Air Guns Are Not Toys

When handling air guns, you must always assume they’re loaded as they can damage objects and seriously harm others. Therefore, you must do your best to not accidentally set off your air guns. As a universal rule, remember to:

  • Always keep your finger off the trigger unless you’re focused on a target and ready to fire.
  • Ensure the gun is pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Turn on the gun safety switch when you’re not shooting.
  • Never look into the barrel.

Keep Your Air Gun Clean

One of the most neglected air gun safety tips is keeping the air gun clean. Regularly cleaning your PCP air rifles will ensure they work every time you go hunting or enjoy a session of plinking. Knowing how to clean an airgun will help save you money, time, and the stress of missed shots as you’ll reduce the chances of the air tank leaking or lose pressure when firing off rounds.

Wear Eye Protection

Whether you’re shooting with an Athlon Optics or similar air pistol accessories, there’s always a possibility you’ll experience blow-back to your eyes. Though they may not look stylish, wearing safety glasses is a much safer alternative as opposed to risking losing your sight. It’s common for pellets to ricochet off targets or objects, and not wearing protective glasses is one of the most important air gun safety tips so you can avoid a trip to the hospital.

Know Your Target and What’s Beyond It

Since air pistols or other large caliber rifles can shoot through a target, you must always be aware of what’s behind it. For example, when aiming at a target this Florida deer season, ask yourself if there are other people, property, or a road beyond the target that can be harmed or destroyed. Also, knowing the range of your air gun or rifle can help you determine if objects behind your target are at risk.

There’s a lot that goes into safely handling an air gun or rifle. However, as long you’re attentive to your weapon and your surroundings you’ll lower the chances of harming yourself and others. If you’d like to learn more about air gun safety tips or would like to explore our vast inventory of popular FX Airguns, feel free to get in touch with a member of our staff by calling 561-331-6731 today!

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Top Concealed Carry Mistakes

finger, thumb, hand

No one is perfect. Every now and then we make mistakes that we can learn from. However, making mistakes while being a concealed carrier can lead to serious consequences. With the current increase in concealed carry permit holders, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant as we carry our airguns and firearms. Our experienced team at Palm Beach Airguns lists the top concealed carry mistakes you should avoid.

Lack of Proper Handgun Training

Concealed carry permit holders are to undergo rigorous training that includes specific major topics, basics, techniques, and safety. The training classes must be up-to-date and associated with realistic concealed carry situations you’ll most likely face. Receiving inadequate training is one of the top concealed carry mistakes people tend to make because it won’t properly prepare you for a high-risk situation. If you undergo improper training with incorrect or outdated drills and repetitions, you’ll be wasting your time, money, and ultimately the safety of yourself and those around you due to the lack of guidance.

When shopping around for concealed carry classes, avoid “quickie courses” because you’ll be putting yourself (and others) at risk in the long run. Do your research before signing up for a class and ensure the instructor focuses mainly on proper training and safety, instead of getting the course over with as soon as possible. Our team at Palm Beach Airguns would also like to note that continued education and training in concealed carry situations are extremely important as a permit holder.

Constantly Checking or Fiddling With the Gun

Constantly touching or checking your PCP gun or handguns is another one of the top concealed carry mistakes. With the right holster (and self-control), you won’t have to constantly check if your airgun or firearm is still there. Try to suppress the urge as much you can because you’re repeatedly letting others know that you’re carrying. So, leave it alone!

Using a Low-Quality Holster

Speaking of holsters, wearing a low-quality holster for your handgun is also one of the top concealed carry mistakes permit holders can make. When looking for the proper holster, make sure to look into reputable manufacturers who design holsters for your specific handgun. Sure, you might want to save money by getting that cheap holster you saw on Amazon for $4.99, but you’ll regret being frugal when these holsters start to quickly wear down. There are actually great holsters on the market you can buy that won’t break the bank, just make sure to read up on reviews.

If you’d like to learn more about airgun safety tips or you’re interested in our vast inventory of airguns, feel free to contact a member of the Palm Beach Airguns team at 561-331-6731.

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Popular Halloween Costumes with Toy Guns

pumpkins, jack o' lanterns

It’s finally that time of year again when the air gets a little cooler, the leaves change colors in other parts of the United States, and Spirit Halloween sets up shop in your neighborhood. Yep, that’s right, folks, Halloween’s right around the corner. It’s time to start breaking out the candy, attend Halloween parties, and, of course, shop for Halloween costumes. You might be a huge firearms fan and want to find a costume to reflect your appreciation for the 2nd Amendment. The airgun aficionados of Palm Beach Airguns save you the trouble and list popular Halloween costumes with toy guns.


Start with the basic popular Halloween costumes with toy guns by dressing up as a cowboy or cowgirl. All this classic ensemble needs are a cowboy hat, chaps, a bolo tie, and a western-styled holster with a leather belt for your toy revolvers. This costume is also great for couples who are firearm fanatics as both men and women can sport this costume.

Tomb Raider

This one’s for the ladies! The sexy, tough-as-nails Lara Croft always makes for a great choice in popular Halloween costumes with toy guns. As the main character of the movie and video game franchise, Lara Croft displays both intelligence and athleticism along with 9mm models of Heckler & Koch USP Match with stainless slides.[1] When she’s not using them to show her adversaries who’s boss, she keeps them holstered in thigh-length drop holsters while wearing a tank top, short shorts, and hiking boots.

1920s Mobster

1920s, mobsters, gangsters, black and white, guns

Go back in time to the Roaring 20s by dressing up as mobster this Halloween. To look like the quintessential gangster from the Prohibition era, don a pinstripe suit, fedora, and a pair of wingtip dress shoes. For costume weapons to pair with this ensemble, buy a toy Tommy gun or a .98 Smith and Wesson to look like an official member of the mob.


gun, man, forest, woods, camouflage

Show off your patriotism by dressing up as an officer of any branch of the United States military. What’s great about this costume is that it doesn’t have to be purchased at Spirit Halloween or Party City, so you can avoid those rambunctious kids running around as you shop. Visit any local army surplus store to purchase a flak jacket, mag pouches, a BDU, and old boots. Top it off with a toy M-16 or AR-15 to complete the look.

Still need suggestions for popular Halloween costumes with toy guns or want to learn more about our fx airguns? Feel free to reach out to a member of our helpful staff here at Palm Beach Airguns. Happy Halloween!


[1] FANDOM – Handgun | Lara Croft Wiki

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Top South Florida Airgun Ranges

south Florida airgun range

Attention all South Florida airgun owners. Are you looking for a new place to go and shoot off some pellets? With the sport only growing in popularity, people are looking for more places to go out and show off their FX airgun. Luckily at Palm Beach Airguns, we are a community full of airgun enthusiasts, and we are sharing our top airgun ranges in South Florida so that you can try them out and find your favorite.

The Best Airgun Ranges in South Florida You Need to Try

The great thing about air rifles is that in Florida you do not necessarily need to go to a range to shoot if you do not want to. You can even do some hunting with particular airguns. That being said, airgun ranges have everything set up for you already. You are also more likely to meet other airgun enthusiasts. So if you are looking to find a good airgun community, check out their South Florida airgun ranges.

Shoot Straight Fort Lauderdale

An indoor shooting range, Shoot Straight has various locations in Florida including State Road 7 in Fort Lauderdale. Ladies shoot for free on Mondays so take your girlfriend or wife along. This gun range also offers weekly classes and gunsmithing for those interested.

Markham Park Target Range

If you are looking for a fun outdoor airgun range in South Florida, try going to Markham Park. A community of airgun shooters has started gathering here, so you have a better chance of meeting other enthusiasts. Because this air rifle range is also part of a larger park area, you could spend the whole day here with the family.

Nexus Shooting

Next on our list of South Florida air rifle ranges is Nexus Shooting. If you are looking for a big gun range, this is your spot With 40 indoor lanes for shooting, this gun range is one of the largest you will find. They offer everything from traditional paper targets to VIP suites for private events.

Pembroke Gun & Range

If you are looking for another outdoor gun, check out Trail Glades Range west of Miami. This simple setup makes the focus on your shot the main attraction. You will find people of all different shooting experience there. They even offer classes.

Just be wary of any airgun products some gun ranges may sell. Their focus is often only profit. It is better to shop around and look at online airgun stores like ours that only sell the highest quality products to compare. Remember to check back frequently to read up on the latest news, trends, and tips at our airgun blog.

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How To Clean An Airgun

close up of gun barrel spiral

Unlike a normal gun, airguns do not usually need to be cleaned on a regular basis because they do not leave behind the same residue inside the barrel. Some people will argue that you never need to clean an airgun barrel. There are a few factors that will determine when and how often your air rifle needs cleaning, but one thing is certain; if your FX airgun accuracy starts to feel off, then cleaning may be the answer.

Tips for Cleaning an Air Rifle

If you are new to the sport or this is your first airgun, do not worry. As an airgun store, we can help you learn how to clean an airgun properly so that yours is sure to last.

  1. Read the owner’s manual. Yes, flipping through a booklet may be boring, but it is important. Every airgun is model is slightly different so there may be specific cleaning instructions listed. Follow what the owner’s manual says first.
  2. Do an initial cleaning. While you may think that the airgun is ready to go, sometimes there can be some rust left behind from the manufacturer. It is better to clean it right away yourself to be safe.
  3. Be careful. That Daystate Red Wolf was a big investment. Airguns have softer barrels than a regular firearm and require a bit of a softer touch when cleaning as well. Be attentive to what you are doing so as not to damage your airgun. Scraping the side of the barrel or the crown can lead to expensive repairs.
  4. Use a proper cleaning kit designed for airguns. Instead of using makeshift materials and brushes to clean your air rifle, a good cleaning kit designed specifically for this purpose will ensure that your air rifle is cleaned correctly and help prevent damage. Do not use regular firearm oil.
  5. Do not go against the grain. Just like sanding wood or cleaning stainless steel, you need to work in a certain direction. When it comes to cleaning your airgun, you should clean from the breach in the same direction that the pellet travels.
  6. If you are putting your air rifle back into storage, then leaving a little bit of airgun oil is a good idea. Otherwise, it is best to dry the bore when you are done applying oil and cleaning the airgun.
  7. Do not forget about your airgun accessories. They may require their own cleaning. You do not want a dirty Athlon Optics airgun scope that you cannot see clearly out of or a scope mount that is collecting dirt.

Airgun cleaning may not be a regular necessity like with firearms, but if you are an airgun owner, it is an important matter to know how to do.

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List of Air Gun Accessories for Beginners

airsoft accessories on the floor

You just bought an FX Impact MKII 700mm. As your first air gun, you are excited to fire that sucker, but hold on a moment. Before you go wild with your ammo, check out our list of air gun accessories that are sure to add to the overall experience. With the right air gun attachments and accessories for your air gun, you will quickly be getting a bullseye every time.

Continue reading List of Air Gun Accessories for Beginners
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Guide to Choosing an Air Gun Scope

Airgun Scopes

Choosing an air gun scope is easy if you know what you are looking for and what matters most. There are several factors to consider when picking an air gun scope, a kind of recipe that you can use to make sure you buy the right scope for your rifle and for your style of shooting.

The best air gun scope is going to be the one that accomplishes what you need it to accomplish for the right price. That’s what we are looking for, so let’s stir up a little recipe for our air gun scope buyers guide.

All Air Gun Scopes Must-Have

Good air gun scope mounts are a must-have! A good air gun scope mount will have an adjustable pin which locks the rear ring to the rail and stops the scope from moving with recoil, giving you a better shot.

Necessary Accessories

Adjustable Parallax – More specifically, either Adjustable Objective or Sidewheel, which is essential for focusing on anything short of 80 yards. Most targets will be within that range, which again means that the adjustable parallax is necessary.

Mildots – which are perfect for range-finding and compensating for pellet drop over distance. Also consider fixing the barrel droop on your air gun if you see significant drop over distance.

Air Gun Rated Scope – A spring-loaded air gun will destroy a non-rated scope after a dozen shots. Spring-rated scopes have extra internal springs which counteract the unique double recoil of piston air guns.


Large Objective – The larger the objective lens (far end scope), the more light it lets through, and the clearer the picture. However, the larger the glass, the heavier the scope. Keep that in mind if weight is already an issue. Again, this is not a necessary factor in choosing an air gun scope but a luxury that’s nice to have.

Zoom – It will make your target appear closer. The perfect zoom for entry level air guns is 3-9, which means your target appears 3 times closer, adjustable up to 9 times closer. Other scopes are 4-12, 6-24, and target scopes are 8-32, 10-50, 8-80. However, variable zoom scopes can be slightly heavier. Again, weight is a factor here when choosing an air gun scope.

Ready to buy your scope? Check out the best air gun scopes of 2019 and pick on one today!

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Airgun Golf Is As Cool As It Sounds

Airgun golf

Sick of your old, boring air gun targets? Well that has all changed with the invention of a new air gun target that we didn’t realize we needed. We are talking, of course, about Airgun Golf. The latest craze sweeping the pellet popping community.

What is Airgun Golf?

Airgun Golf is a peculiarly awesome and relatively new form of air rifle practice that is as cool as it sounds, but also nothing like it sounds. No, you will not be playing a round of golf while lugging around an air rifle like a crazy person on the course. Instead, you will shoot at exploding golf balls, made specifically for air rifle pellets.

Visit the Airgun Golf Website to see more!

What Are the Rules?

There are no rules except: don’t miss. Airgun Golf balls make for great air gun targets because they explode as they’re hit, and they leave a white powdery dust in the air. It’s a fantastic feeling when you hit your target.

There really is something extremely satisfying about watching your target explode when you hit it head on!

What Are Some Fun Ways to Play Airgun Golf?

The Airgun Golf website lists 3 ways to play the game, though these seem more like suggestions and not rules.

  • Caddy Hack

The caddy keeps picking a different gun for each hole! Think you can still beat your opponent?

  • Putt Putt Pink

Approach the “hole” of this game carefully! Knock down two targets before you can take a shot at the “hole.”

  • MulliGUN

You won’t want to miss a shot in this game! If you do, use a MulliGUN and get a second chance at making the shot.

We recommend using a high powered air rifle like the Daystate Red Wolf, to get the most out of your air gun target practice.

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How to Create Your Own Homemade Air Gun Targets

air gun targets

Homemade air gun targets tend to be cheaper and more readily available. You don’t have to order them from an online air gun store or drive to your local gun range to find a target when you can make them yourself.

There are 3 types of air gun targets, each target type has its own pros and cons. Rather than focus on only one, we have decided to discuss a DIY version of each air gun target so you can create either one.

Air Gun Spinning Target

This target is also called a reactive air rifle target because they react to the pellets hitting them by spinning and making a loud ping once hit! Typically, these spinning targets are made using a metal frame and a few springs or ties used to fasten spoons to the frame. The spoons are the target.

Air Gun Spinning Target

Some people use spring hinges in place of spoons, which works quite well. This is a great DIY air gun target for several reasons, including: 


  • If made well, the air gun spinner target will last a very long time because it’s made from durable materials.
  • It’s cheaper in the long run because you only have to buy these materials once and the rig will require very little maintenance.

However, there are a few challenges with attempting this DIY air gun target, such as:


  • It is difficult to make this target yourself and you will go through some trial and error to get it right.
  • This target will never change and that can become somewhat boring for some who want to shoot a target that looks different. The trick to adding variety to this model is to place this spinner target somewhere different each time you shoot.
  • Ricochets are more likely because you are shooting a metal target on a metal frame. As long as you are taking the right precautions and following air gun safety, you should not run into any issues.

These targets are great for those who have invested enough time and money into weapons like the Daystate Red Wolf and want to get the most out of their target practice.

Air Gun Trap Target

An air gun trap target traps pellets within the target itself so you don’t have to worry about ricochets, lost pellets, or any clean up. All pellets are collected in a chamber behind the target. Though you can purchase them ready made, you can also create your own air gun trap target.

All you need is a box, paper, tape and a hard backboard (a bread board works well).

Air Gun Trap Target

Once you hit the target, the pellet will enter the box, the backboard (bread board, duct-taped cardboard, etc.) will stop it, and it will remain in the box for collection. Easy, peasy.


  • It’s one of the cheaper homemade air gun targets that you can make quickly.
  • All your pellets will be collected inside the trap to be used again, so you spend less on air gun pellets and you don’t waste time looking for pellets.


  • These targets are only as durable as the materials you use. Carboard will only last one shooting session while wood or metal will last much longer.
  • Pellets can become disfigured and reusing them without careful consideration will result in issues with your air rifle. It’s best to use a heavy air gun pellet like the SB Ultra Shock Hollow Point .22 Cal.

These homemade air gun targets are simple, easy and useful.

Air Gun Paper Targets & Tin Cans

And last but not least, the standard paper or tin can targets that have been used by so many of us at some point of time.

Air Gun Paper Targets & Tin Cans

You will find these targets at your local gun shop, but you can also get a little creative by creating your own target design.


  • It’s the cheapest and easiest DIY air gun target model.
  • You likely already have the materials at home right now.


  • They are not as stable, durable, or as useful as the other targets mentioned here.
  • Paper targets still require some form of setup – a wall or line to hang the target.

Ultimately, no matter what air gun target you prefer, the point is to continually improve your shooting and practice as much as possible! If you find that your air rifle is not hitting these targets, you may need to fix the barrel droop. Otherwise, you should eventually be shooting multiple pellets in an area that is no bigger than a nickel.

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Air Gun Tips for Beginners – The Basics

target shooting

All the basics you need to know about air guns and the hobby itself can be separated into 3 categories. Just three, that’s it! Each category is important and if you want to get better at shooting air rifles, you should do your best to follow these air gun tips for beginners here!

There are a number of reasons why air gun shooting is a great hobby, but we aren’t here to discuss that. We are talking to those that have decided it’s time to get a riffle and start shooting. These are our tips and basics that all first-time shooters should consider.

Before We Get Started

Before we dive into our official air gun tips for beginners, we want to clarify who will benefit most from the guide bellow. And that means you have to begin by choosing what powers your rifle:

  • Pneumatic
  • CO2 Powered
  • Spring Piston
  • Gas Piston

Each will have its own challenges. If you are thinking of getting into air guns as a long-term hobby, we highly recommend option for he CO2 powered rifles. You’ll find most of these air gun tips are meant for gas powered rifles.

Get the Right Gear – Without Braking the Bank

It’s important to get the right air gun equipment from the beginning. We don’t mean that you should buy the most expensive air rifle you can! It’s not about price, but you should do your research to ensure that you are purchasing quality gear.

Our top recommended air rifles of 2019 are:

The most important thing is to make sure that your gun fits you. That means it’s not to long, not too wide, and not to heavy. Your rifle should feel as comfortable as possible. Our tip for beginners is to go to a gun store and hold these weapons in your hands before you make any decisions. You can return to purchase an air rifle online if you choose.

Air rifle accuracy depends on several things, including:

Diving into some of the points about is outside the scope of air gun tips for beginners and are more suited for intermediate shooters. But keep those points in mind.

Set Goals – Seek Challenges – Get Out There

The absolutely best way to ensure that you stick with any hobby is to ensure that it is always fun and always challenging. Air gun shooting is no different.

  • Set Goals

If you are aiming for something (pun completely intended), then you are more likely to dedicate time to achieve it. Each goal you set should have some fun injected into it. Try to create a cross or circle on your target with pellet holes. Try to make a smiley face. In the end this is just once exercise to improve your accuracy.

Set a goal that you won’t get up until you have purposefully shot 4 rounds within a 2 inches diameter from 50 yards.

  • Seek Challenges

There are lots of championship long range shooting competitions that will keep you engaged in this hobby. There is something completely satisfying about entering in a competition with some of the best shooters in your niche. It’s a whole day of fun and at the end you could walk home with a trophy for your hobby.

  • Get Out There

This is now your community so go out there and meet others. Check out some of the best air gun ranges near you and take your rifle. Meet people who are interested in air guns as well and get involved with people like you. Hell, they will have some really great air gun tips for beginners that you can learn from too!


Practice often! Discover the best air rifle shooting positions, the right way to pull the trigger, and how to set your scope to be as accurate as possible.

We ask that you remember: practice does not make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect. You should be following the correct methods to practice air gun shooting to ensure that you don’t develop bad habits. Check out our air gun blog for more tips and tricks!

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The 5 Best Air Gun Scopes for 2019

FX Streamline Slider

If the interior makes the car, the scope makes the air gun. Air gun scopes are an essential part of any air gun set up. Most will agree that after the actual rifle, it is the next most important part of your equipment.

Athlon Argos BTR

The most affordable air gun scope for 2019 is the Athlon Argos at $369.99. It’s a great scope with a magnification at 6-24 and an objective lens diameter of 50 mm. The parallax adjustment     side focus from 10 yards to infinity. This is a very well made, entry level air gun scope.

MTC Viper Connect

The MTC Viper is an entry level scope with none of the fuss of parallax and objective lens diameters. It’s a plug and shoot accessory, and the best air gun scope for beginners. The side parallax is a manageable 10 yards plus. A great scope at a great price for only $399.99.

Athlon Midas Tac

The Athlon Midas is a mid-range scope with a 6-24 magnification and a 50 mm objective lens diameter. It comes with parallax adjustment for further tweaking. It’s one of the best air gun scopes in 2019 and it comes in at $629.99. Pick this one up if you have some experience and you are looking for a new scope to take your game to the next level.

Athlon Ares BTR

Another one of the best air gun scopes for 2019 is also from the Athlon series. The Ares BTR has a magnification of 4.5-27 and a 50 mm objective lens diameter. It comes with a parallax adjustment side focus from 25 yards to infinity. The Ares comes in at $849.99.

Tips to Choose the Best Air Gun Scopes

It’s not so simple. The best air guns scopes aren’t the most expensive, or the best looking. There are a number of things you have to consider when choosing which scope is right for you. These are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right scope.

  • Fixed or Variable Scope Rifle?

The main difference here is magnification. If you get a fixed scope, then you cannot adjust the magnification, you are stuck with the standard. A variable scope allows you to adjust magnification. This is better for mid-level hobbyist and those who want to pursue the air gun hobby long term.

  • Objective Size and The Parallax Adjustment

The object refers to the amount of light that comes through the scope – the higher the number, the more light. Parallax adjustment allows you to control the amount of light that enters your scope. This again is important for more mid-level to higher level air gun hobbyists and experts.

  • Crosshairs

Now, you have to pick the crosshairs. This is usually a matter of preference, but you’ll find most air gun enthusiast use the duplex crosshairs that have thick lines on the outside to ensure you don’t lose your sights with thin lines in the middle to allow for accuracy.

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5 Tips to Improve Your Accuracy with Airguns

accuracy with airguns

Improving your accuracy with an airgun takes time there’s really no getting past that. If you want to be a crack shot or the next Chris Kyle with an air powered rifle, you have to put in the time and effort to get there. But that’s not all. In order to improve your accuracy, you should also focus on your rifle, gear, practice technique and equipment maintenance.

Any serious shooter will tell you the same thing. You can go can just go out and get this year’s best value air rifle. Everyone knows the FX Impact MKII 700mm is a great choice, but it is not enough. Nope, its going to take a lot more work that that. But the truth is if you stay consistent and use these techniques to improve your accuracy with an air rifle, you’ll see an major difference during your next trip to the range.

Tip 1 – Get A Good Scope

Your first tip to improve accuracy is all about gear. Choose the best airgun scope you can find because the proof really is in the pudding. If you buy a cheap scope you’re going to get cheap shots and no amount of scope tuning and mounting is going to make a difference. Spend the money on a good scope.

Tip 2 – Invest in Good Ammo

The second most important tip is about airgun gear, I guess you could say that equipment is that important. Finding high quality airgun pellets and keeping them in good condition is vital to your overall performance. The JSB Exact series is highly recommended.

Tip 3 – Aim Small, Miss Small

You ever see the movie “The Patriot”? Well Mel Gibson plays a revolutionary war commando and he gives this piece of advice to his young sons before they ambush a platoon of red coats. He tells them to “aim small, miss small”. That piece of advice absolutely fantastic as a mantra to remember when you start trying to improve your accuracy.

The idea is that if you are aiming at the barn, you might miss the barn, if you are aiming at the door, you might miss the door but you will probably hit the barn. This phrase should help you consider how important it is to be precise with your aiming. Aim at something very small because if you miss, you’ll still be closer than you think.

Tip 4 – Control Your Breathing

Breathing is an airgun accuracy tip as old as time, and it’s still one of the most important and often forgotten tips. Maintaining a steady breathing pattern and learning to pull the trigger when it’s the most opportune, well that is rather difficult. It takes real practice to get it right. Here’s a very basic breathing exercise to improve your accuracy:

  • Exhale and pause
  • Inhale and pause
  • Full exhale and squeeze trigger
  • Breathe normally

Try to get that right and you’ll see just how difficult it really is.

Tip 5 – Take Your Time – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You’re going to get impatient, and that’s to be expected. Don’t let your impatience ruin your consistency. Take your time with each shot. If something goes wrong start again.

The truth is that practice does not make perfect, but rather perfect practice makes perfect. If you continue to practice incorrectly you will get bad results. It’s that simple. Take your time to do it right and restart if you need to.

Tip 6 – Fix Barrel Droop

Learn how to fix barrel droop on your airgun and make sure you maintain that level of care always. You may be experiencing some barrel droop right now and it can be frustration when you are trying to improve your accuracy with your airgun. 

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Are Airgun Silencers Necessary?

no sound

Airgun silencers are also called moderators and/or suppressors and they are legal for airguns. Though the rules for firearms and shotguns differ, you are allowed to use a silencer or moderator for your airgun.

Are Airgun Silencers Necessary?

Most people think that airguns are already quiet, so why would an airgun silencer be necessary? Unlike firearms or any guns that fire metal jacket bullets, airguns do not cause an explosion when the trigger is pulled. That explosion is the reasons for almost all the noise produced by gun fire. So, what’s the point of having a silencer?

Here is the issue and why airgun silencers are necessary: Sound travels faster than airgun pellets.

It comes down to hunting and pest control. A springer or PCP does cause a sharp sounds and crack from the muzzle. The problem is that if you have spent lots of time stalking and lining up a great shot, the time it takes for the sound to travel to your target is far less than the time it takes for the pellet to reach that target. So, all that work stalking and lining up the shot is immediately thrown out the window when the target moves before the pellet reaches them.

This is especially true for birds that will instantly move from view if even slightly disturbed.

For non-hunters and airgun hobbyist you might wonder why you should consider buying an airgun silencer. The answer is simple, do it for your neighbors who hear your shots ringing over the walls.

How Airgun Silencers Work

Sound pressure waves are emitted when you pull the trigger on your airgun. If a pellet exceeds the sound barrier, it will also create a slight vacuum around and behind it and this causes that cracking sound behind it.

A silencer at the end of the barrel provides a confined space that will actually slow down the pellet just enough to decrease the sounds. This will also have an effect on the pellet itself.

As for any mechanical sounds, they have to dissipate from the source and because they are not exceeding the sound barrier, at least they aren’t making any cracking hot sounds. This creates the advantage for the shooter.

Will Airgun Silencers Affect Accuracy?

Yes, because speed is affected, so is accuracy, to some level. Generally, suppressors change the point of impact of the pellet. You have a weight at the end of the gun, putting downward pressure on the barrel, usually you’ll get somewhere between 2–4 inches lower at 100 yards and a variable amount of left/right.

Also be sure fix barrel droop which has nothing to do with silencers and more to do with equipment assembly and maintenance.

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Why Airgun Shooting Should Be Your New Hobby in 2019

Daystate Red Wolf

You know what’s great about airgun shooting and recreational target shooting in general? Anyone can do it and there are no limits on age. You can buy an air rifle online and get started if you are 40 years old or looking for something for your pre-teen son or daughter to try.

So why should you consider airgun shooting as your new hobby in 2019? We have outlined the top 3 reasons you should start airgun shooting in 2019. This is your chance to try something different. Let’s see if airgun shooting really is for you!

It’s Inclusive

Online airgun stores all have one thing in common, we are here because we love what we do and we want to pass that level of passion and excitement onto our customers. First timers are more than welcome.

Again it comes down to age and inclusivity. Our experience in the airgun community is almost always positive. Most community members understand that this sport is about new commers, and people willing to try something new and adventurous. We are always ready to welcome someone into the fold. Just visit your local airgun shooting range you will see for yourself.

Even those who don’t want to keep a gun in their homes will more likely purchase an air rifle before purchasing a gun.

It’s Cheaper Than the Alternative

Airguns are not necessarily cheap, but they are cheaper than investing in bullet wielding rifles and guns and everything that comes with that. They are cheaper to maintain, cheaper to clean and cheap airgun ammo is available online for much less than bullets.

Overall, getting into airgun shooting may come with a few high costs initially, but long term, you are saving much more money!

It’s A New Venture

This is all new and new is exciting! An introduction to airgun shooting might be an introduction into a new hobby that allows you to learn something new about yourself. Yes, we know how corny that sounds. But the truth is, you cannot know enough about yourself and what you like until you’ve tried something new. Step out of your comfort zone!

You will also be developing a unique skill. Long range target shooting is an art form, just ask any shooter or airgun enthusiast. It is a challenge that you work on every single time you go to the range or you set up targets in your back yard. Recreation target shooting is harder than it sounds and more fun than you can imagine.

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How to Fix Barrel Droop On Your Airgun

arrow on target airgun barrel

There are a number of reasons and ways to fix barrel droop, it all depends on your specific problem. Barrel droop is one of the most frustrating, common problems that all airgun hobbyist and shooters have to deal with from time to time.

Barrel droop is much more noticeable when you look down a scope or site and sometimes it’s your scope that’s causing the issues. So, here’s what we think, a few ways to fix barrel droop and avoid it in the first place.

What is Barrel Droop?

You’ll notice that your pellets are curving down quite fast and the arc of travel is much lower than anticipated. In simple terms, you’ll shoot and your pellet arcs down and misses your target, sometimes drastically. You’re looking down your air rifle scope and have a perfect shot and then bam, completely misses and heads down.

It’s frustrating but it can be fixed and even avoided.

What Causes Barrel Droop?

All weapons experience some form of droop. Guns, arrows, air rifles, they are all playing by the same rules of gravity as everything else on earth. So barrel droop is inventible then right?

This is an interesting question. See, most of us might be quick to think that barrel droop is caused by wear and tear, faulty airgun barrel or a cheap air rifle. This is not always the case. Most common barrel droop is actually caused when a fully functional, straight barrel is mounted incorrectly, so that the barrel is pointing downward on its axis in relation to the scope.

Ha! So that can be fixed right? Yes, but it’s not that simple.

Here’s what’s actually happening – How To Fix Mounting Barrel Droop

1 – Your lining or bore does not run straight through the center of the airgun barrel. This will require replacement as a means to fix barrel droop moving forward.

2 – Your screws are too tight or too tolerant. All the screws that hold together your air rifle are made with a level of give and take on the screws, because a perfect fix is almost impossible. Check the tightness of your screws, especially at the barrels and airgun scope mounts. You may have to play with these slightly and adjust them until your barrel points straight.

3 – The grooves in which your scope and receiver and mounts are not aligned with the rifle.

4 – Adjust the scope. If this is a case of mounting, you will be able to adjust and site your scope to ensure that every shot compensates for the inevitable barrel droop.

Can You Prevent Barrel Droop?

Some high quality airguns are equipped to automatically deal with barrel droop that results from coking the mechanism.

Quality and price do play a roll in preventing barrel droop. For example, the higher quality and more expensive airguns like the Daystate Red State and FX Impact X Fixed Moderator tend to have fewer issues with barrel droop and that is related to price. Though not always the case, you can expect less barrel droop with higher quality and thus more expensive airguns.

That being said, here are some quick tips to avoid barrel droop in the first place:

  • Keep your airgun in a climate-controlled space. Leaving it in a garage will cause it to expand and contract with the weather, which will cause barrel droop.
  • Maintain your airgun as much as possible. If you know how to clean and maintain your gun, you will be less likely to miss little details, allowing you too see a loose screw before it causes issues.
  • Use an adapter on your site which will compensate all barrel droop and can be consistency adjusted as the droop changes.

Need any other advice? Be sure to visit our airgun blog for more tips, tricks and hacks for your airgun!

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Best Airgun Ranges in Palm Beach

airgun rifle range

Looking for the best airgun ranges in Palm Beach? Well look no further. We asked all of our airgun hobbyists and aficionados to find and rank the best airgun ranges in Palm Beach based on the following criteria: the largest, the cheapest and the most accommodating. At the end we choose our favorite and crown the best of the best.

So find the best value air rifle in 2019, be sure to fix barrel droop and use this list to find your next practice venue.

Why Take Your Air Riffle to a Range?

At first you may think, why take your airgun to a range when you have a backyard? Isn’t my backyard the best place to enjoy my air rifle? In some ways, yes and we will get to this at the end of this blog. There is still a very strong case to take your air rifle to a gun range because the facilities are set up to cater to practice.

Gun ranges have long range targets, retrievers and facilities that are made specifically for air rifle target practice. It’s worth visiting a gun range once with your air rifle to get a sense of long range air rifle target practice and making up your own mind.

When you buy an air rifle online, you want to use it and practice as much as possible, so hit the range at least once.

Largest Range Airgun Range In Palm Beach

You bought an air rifle so you want to shoot long range, and get your target practice down. There are a few really great outdoor rifle ranges in Palm Beach but the largest in our opinion is the Okeechobee Shooting Sports.

You’ll find so many great amenities at the OSS, as well as some really great long rage shooting facilities.

  • Gun Handling and Shooting Lessons
  • Long Range and Close-Range Shooting Faculties
  • Campgrounds
  • Basic drinks and snacks

The OSS makes it on our list of the best airgun ranges in Palm Beach because it is by far the largest outdoor range in the area and the customer service, environment and amnesties make the it the kind of air rifle range you can spend a whole afternoon enjoying.

The Cheapest Airgun Range In Palm Beach

The Sheriff’s Range – Palm Beach County is by far the cheapest long range, outdoor gun range in Palm Beach. Unfortunately, there is no website for this space, but it is a great, basic long-range rifle range. And we mean basic, don’t expect picnic tables or many amenities. Just good old fashioned long range target practice. One of the reasons it’s likely so cheap. But you also get to watch the police in action and maybe pic up a few pointers from the pros.

The Most Accommodating Airgun Range in Palm Beach

Our pick for most accommodating airgun range in Palm beach goes to Gator Guns & Archery Center!

Why and what exactly does accommodating even mean? We decided that the most accommodating ranges are those that have facilities that offer airgun amenities, ammo as well as other courses. The Gator Guns & Archery Center has all of that and more.