FX Airguns STX Liner Twist Rates

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FX Airguns Twist Rates
  • “There has been a lot of questions lately from shooters wanting to know the twist rate of their barrel. Here is an official list of twist rates for the current offering of FX STX barrel liners.
  • Note: Some shooters have speculated that FX has changes twist rates on some of these liners (particularly the slug liners). This is not accurate. Some choking techniques have been perfected, but twist rates have remained the same.
  • (Measuring twist rates can be a little tricky and it’s understandable why one person thinks they have measured the twist differently than another)
  • For those who don’t know, the .22 cal Pellet Liner B are liners designed to shoot heavier .22 pellets like the JSB .22 cal redesigned Monster pellets. The .25 Pellet Liner B are liners designed for the heavier JSB King Heavy (MK1 & MK2).
  • Also for those experimenting with slugs, lubricating your slugs a little goes a long way in aiding accuracy. That’s the tip you get for reading to the end of this post!”
    – FX Airguns

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