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FX Crown Review

The FX Crown

We all knew the FX Crown was going to be a great airgun the day it was announced! We will go over a few of it’s features in this FX Crown review.

Right from the factory they have the FX Crown rifle harmonically tuned to it’s respective caliber JSB pellet of choice. FX Airguns has also given us many beautiful stock options to choose from. They have a synthetic stock to fit those of you dirt devil hunters, a gorgeous walnut stock for those of you traditional guys, and last but not least a set of laminate stocks, a dynamite black pepper, breath taking green forest and jaw dropping royal blue, all of which gleam in the sunlight like no other! Aside from her beauty she is a very functional rifle. Functional and adjustable. The laminate stocks also come with an adjustable cheek piece which help squeeze that last bit of comfort.

Hammer Spring Adjustment

The FX Crown starts off by allowing you to adjust power on the fly through the external “power wheel.” The power wheel has numbered and lettered positions for varying hammer spring tensions which either increase or decrease the power output of the rifle with just a single click! This wheel can also be finely tuned to your preference by removing the stock and adjusting a dedicated set screw (for more advanced tuners/tinkerers).

Transfer Port Adjustment

There is another wheel similar to the power wheel that adjusts the opening of the transfer port. This wheel has markings for the .177, .22, .25 and .30 caliber options. Choosing the matching setting to your caliber is recommended. This allows you to be able to switch calibers and refine the transfer port to that respective caliber as if the rifle was built for it. This port can also be used to tune down the rifle by shrinking the port size and restricting air flow or tuned up by increasing the port size and allowing more airflow behind the pellet.

Externally Adjustable Regulator

(**Do not decrease regulator pressure or screw the regulator adjuster clockwise while pressurized it WILL cause damage**)

Now for the main crowd pleaser! The ability to adjust the regulator from the outside of the gun is a huge convenience that all tinkerers can truly appreciate. The old days of tearing the rifle apart and using a regulator pressure tester, putting it back together, shooting and repeating until fair results are achieved are over! You can now make those minor adjustments with a simple incremental turn of the adjuster, shoot and keep making minor adjustments while looking at the dedicated regulator pressure gauge all on the outside of the gun. It’s so simple you can do it while on the shooting bench in front of the chronograph!

Caliber Changes

Another one of the many impressive features of the FX Crown, similar to the FX Impact, is the ability to easily change calibers. With all the adjustments we spoke about previously, you can match and harmonically tune the rifle to each respective caliber barrel. The Smooth Twist X that comes standard with the FX Crown can also accept the incoming FX STX slug liners. So not only will you be able to switch calibers, you will also be able to switch the twist rates of the barrel to a more optimized version for slugs! These new STX slug liners will allow you to achieve similar accuracy as with the pellets but with all the benefits of slugs as well.

Sound Reduction

The FX Crown comes standard with a telescoping shroud similar to the ones that are found on the smaller caliber FX Impact. When the shroud is in the retracted position shots can be pretty loud, especially for the .25 caliber and .30 caliber. Once you extend the shroud by pulling it out away from the muzzle it significantly muffles the shots. This is a very effective and convenient way to tackle sound moderation. Yet we know some of you, like myself, prefer a traditional style form of moderation using a suppressor. Now Thanks to DonnyFL there is a FX Crown adapter that allows you to do this!

The pros of the factory shroud are that you have a built in sound moderation system that you do not need to remove every time you place the rifle in your case (which also comes standard with purchase), therefore you won’t forget it or lose it. The appearance is more streamlined and you can switch between moderated and unmoderated in a matter of a second.

The DonnyFL adapter allows you to fix the shroud so it no longer moves, it also opens the door to any traditional suppressor of your choice that has 1/2 x 20 UNF threads. This means you can now add a much larger suppressor for extra sound reduction, besides they look pretty sweet!

Overall Impression

Our overall impression of the FX Crown is that it is a very well executed rifle. Brings the best of two worlds into one, the FX Impact and FX Royale. She’s a beauty in every stock option, a qualified shooter in every caliber and incredibly versatile! Should earn the nickname the FX Chameleon!

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