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FX Halo Ammunition “Say Goodbye to Pellets”!

Say goodbye to pellets
The pellet has provided accuracy and efficiency; the staple projectile of choice of airguns for the last century… until now. Introducing the latest innovation from FX Airguns: FX Halo Ammunition. The replacement for the airgun pellet.
FX Halos share the best characteristics of the pellet (high accuracy, low working pressures needed to shoot at optimum speeds) but with nearly double the ballistic coefficient making them more accurate than pellets.
The FX Halo was conceived in the mind of Fredrik Axelsson. He knew that the pellet was going to quickly fade in relevance. Modern PCP Airguns simply don’t need the parachute/shuttlecock shape of the pellet to achieve accuracy anymore. The pellet design also limits the ability to shoot at further distances with an airgun, and shooters desire to stretch their rifles out to further distances with extreme precision.
Fredrik perfected the FX Halo with the help of the famed FX South African R&D team (Matt Dubber, Hein Fromann, Roelf Vorster) as well as renowned tooling engineer and die manufacturer Kenith Almeida. The combination of these minds working together has created an airgun ammunition that will replace pellets and give an easy ammunition for air rifles to shoot accurately. Perfect for the shooter that wants the performance of slugs but at pellet settings and tuning.
Halos will come in the standard weights of the most popular pellets for each caliber. They shoot at more or less the same speeds to match the velocity and efficiency of rifles tuned for common pellets, but with a much higher BC. This creates extreme stability in flight to provide enhanced accuracy.
Expect that the FX Halo Ammunition will replace your pellets as the common round used for everything from pest control, small game hunting, target shooting, and backyard plinking. The future of airgun ammo is FX Halo Ammunition. FX Halos are coming soon. More details to follow.
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