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Great Video Illustrating the Power of Airguns for Pest Control

The above video is one of the best displays of why we should consider airguns for hunting and pest control.


Ted is an off duty pest control professional. You’ll notice his channel is filled with example of how he uses airguns for pest control in his every day life.

Ted notices that his new home is also home to a few neighbors: Tree Swallows. Ted put up a new bird house to give back to his neighborhood of friendly Tree Swallows. All was going well until an invasive House Sparrow shows up.

Because of his background in pest control, Ted does a great job in explaining the history of the rivalry between the Tree Swallow and House Swallow. The shirt version is to say that House Sparrows are pests that murder Tree Sparrows in droves.


Ted is using the FX Impact air rifle, a fantastic rifle used widely for pest control and hunting. The rifle is often called one of the best ad biggest innovative leaps in the airgun industry.

He is also using JSB Diablo Exact King Heavy pellets which are great for accuracy. And finally an Atlas Bipod. This is a great set up!

Using Airguns for Pest Control

If you are considering using airguns for pest control or airguns for hunting, you should check out more of Ted’s videos on his YouTube Channel: Ted’s HoldOver.

Ted does a great job illustrating his life as a pest control expert and how he combines both the most important elements of pest control and air rifles: safety and respect for the animals around. In the video above Ted made sure that he removed every element of chance he was able to before he took any shots.

He also mentions how much he knows and understands his weapon inside and out which is a mindset we recommend to everyone who wants to get serious using airguns for pest control.

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