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How to Create Your Own Homemade Air Gun Targets

Homemade air gun targets tend to be cheaper and more readily available. You don’t have to order them from an online air gun store or drive to your local gun range to find a target when you can make them yourself.

There are 3 types of air gun targets, each target type has its own pros and cons. Rather than focus on only one, we have decided to discuss a DIY version of each air gun target so you can create either one.

Air Gun Spinning Target

This target is also called a reactive air rifle target because they react to the pellets hitting them by spinning and making a loud ping once hit! Typically, these spinning targets are made using a metal frame and a few springs or ties used to fasten spoons to the frame. The spoons are the target.

Air Gun Spinning Target

Some people use spring hinges in place of spoons, which works quite well. This is a great DIY air gun target for several reasons, including: 


  • If made well, the air gun spinner target will last a very long time because it’s made from durable materials.
  • It’s cheaper in the long run because you only have to buy these materials once and the rig will require very little maintenance.

However, there are a few challenges with attempting this DIY air gun target, such as:


  • It is difficult to make this target yourself and you will go through some trial and error to get it right.
  • This target will never change and that can become somewhat boring for some who want to shoot a target that looks different. The trick to adding variety to this model is to place this spinner target somewhere different each time you shoot.
  • Ricochets are more likely because you are shooting a metal target on a metal frame. As long as you are taking the right precautions and following air gun safety, you should not run into any issues.

These targets are great for those who have invested enough time and money into weapons like the Daystate Red Wolf and want to get the most out of their target practice.

Air Gun Trap Target

An air gun trap target traps pellets within the target itself so you don’t have to worry about ricochets, lost pellets, or any clean up. All pellets are collected in a chamber behind the target. Though you can purchase them ready made, you can also create your own air gun trap target.

All you need is a box, paper, tape and a hard backboard (a bread board works well).

Air Gun Trap Target

Once you hit the target, the pellet will enter the box, the backboard (bread board, duct-taped cardboard, etc.) will stop it, and it will remain in the box for collection. Easy, peasy.


  • It’s one of the cheaper homemade air gun targets that you can make quickly.
  • All your pellets will be collected inside the trap to be used again, so you spend less on air gun pellets and you don’t waste time looking for pellets.


  • These targets are only as durable as the materials you use. Carboard will only last one shooting session while wood or metal will last much longer.
  • Pellets can become disfigured and reusing them without careful consideration will result in issues with your air rifle. It’s best to use a heavy air gun pellet like the SB Ultra Shock Hollow Point .22 Cal.

These homemade air gun targets are simple, easy and useful.

Air Gun Paper Targets & Tin Cans

And last but not least, the standard paper or tin can targets that have been used by so many of us at some point of time.

Air Gun Paper Targets Tin Cans

You will find these targets at your local gun shop, but you can also get a little creative by creating your own target design.


  • It’s the cheapest and easiest DIY air gun target model.
  • You likely already have the materials at home right now.


  • They are not as stable, durable, or as useful as the other targets mentioned here.
  • Paper targets still require some form of setup – a wall or line to hang the target.

Ultimately, no matter what air gun target you prefer, the point is to continually improve your shooting and practice as much as possible! If you find that your air rifle is not hitting these targets, you may need to fix the barrel droop. Otherwise, you should eventually be shooting multiple pellets in an area that is no bigger than a nickel.

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