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How to Put A Bipod On Your Air Rifle

A bipod is a gun attachment commonly used on long-barreled weapons such as air rifles, rifles, and machine guns. Airgun bipods are used to support and add stability to the weapon by providing forward rest and reducing motion. Airgun operators can rest their weapon on the ground or other objects with a bipod, decreasing the chances of fatigue and increasing shooting accuracy.

There are many benefits of installing a bipod on your air rifle. A lot of new airgun rifle designs include a Picatinny rail for easy bipod attachment such as the FX Impact 30 Caliber and the FX Dreamline Lite. However, for airgun rifles with a more traditional stock, bipods are attached on the front sling stud. Some airguns come with sling studs already built in, but in many cases, you will need to put in a sling stud into the front of your rifle’s stock.

If your air rifle has a more traditional synthetic or wood stock like the FX Crown Air Rifle and the Diana Outlaw, you will either need to put in sling studs yourself or have a gunsmith do it before you can mount a bipod. If you will be doing it yourself, read on to learn how to put a bipod on an air rifle.

air rifle mounted on a bipod

How to Install a Bipod Onto Your Air Rifle

What You Will Need:

  • Power Drill
  • Drill Bits in Varying Sizes
  • Pack of 2 Sling Studs
  • Masking Tape
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • Box Nail
  • Allen Wrench
  • Bi Pod

How to Install Sling Studs Into Your Rifle:

  1. From your pack of sling studs, take out the shorter of the two.
  2. Measure the length of your sling stud’s thread.
  3. Mark that length with a piece of masking tape on each of the drill bits you will be using. This prevents you from drilling too deep into your rifle’s stock.
  4. When gathering your set of drill bits, start with a 1 mm drill bit for the pilot hole. Then add more drill bits in, slowly increasing sizes until you get to a drill bit with a diameter equal or closest to the thread diameter of your sling stud.
  5. Detach the stock from your air rifle.
  6. Mark with masking tape where you want to drill the hole on your stock. It should be toward the front end of your stock on the bottom. Use a ruler to center the point where you will drill and use a pencil to mark it with a cross.
  7. Using a box nail and a hammer, break the surface of the stock where you’ve marked a cross.
  8. Starting with the 1 mm drill bit, drill perpendicular to the bottom of your stock.
  9. If your drill gets stuck on your stock, detach the power drill from the drill bit, take the drill bit out, attach it back onto the power drill, and start drilling into the hole you made again.
  10.  Drill until you reach the line you made with masking tape earlier.
  11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 with drill bits of increasing size until you get to the drill bit with a diameter equal or closest to your sling stud’s thread diameter.
  12. Twist your sling stud with the washer it came with into the hole with an Allen wrench until it is tight. Make sure the holes on your sling stud are facing outward, facing the right and left sides of the stock.

How to Mount a Bipod Onto Your Rifle:

  1. Mount the bipod onto the sling stud by loosening the bipod’s tension screw.
  2. Open the two-barbed mechanism on the bipod that looks like a clip. Clip it onto the sling stud, making sure the two barbs line up with the holes on the sling stud.
  3. Twist the bipod’s tension screw until the bipod lays flat and straight on the stock. Twist until it is finger tight.
  4. You can tighten it some more with pliers or an Allen wrench, but don’t secure the bipod too tight or you might damage your air rifle.
  5. Flip open the legs and you are ready to use your bipod mounted air rifle.

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