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List of Air Gun Accessories for Beginners

You just bought an FX Impact MKII 700mm. As your first air gun, you are excited to fire that sucker, but hold on a moment. Before you go wild with your ammo, check out our list of air gun accessories that are sure to add to the overall experience. With the right air gun attachments and accessories for your air gun, you will quickly be getting a bullseye every time.

Best Air Gun Accessories

Getting the flawless shot can take time. You need to develop the right feel and perfect your aim. As an air gun store, we know our air gun accessories and we have just what you need to get started. 

Air Gun Scopes

An air gun scope uses a series of lenses to magnify the image in front of you and is a must for first-timers. It allows the shooter to get an up close and personal look at their target. It also helps beginners with their aim, especially when the target is at a long range. A good air gun scope will be waterproof and shockproof.

Scope Mount

You can’t have a scope without an air gun scope mount. The correct mount will hold your scope in place even after firing. You will want one that you can adjust to various heights as you get a feel for what you prefer.

Side Shot Scope Cam Mount

One of the coolest accessories is a side scope cam mount. This small mount allows you to use your phone or a GoPro to capture videos of your shot. What better way to show off to your buddies than with a slow-motion video of a direct hit?  Try the Side Shot GoPro Hero ¾ Scope Cam that is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 for a lightweight option that won’t obstruct your shot. You can also watch your shooting habits to help improve your aim or timing.   


An air gun suppressor or silencer can be extremely helpful for someone just starting out. The reduction in noise and muzzle flash allows for greater concentration for the shooter. Not only can it help you improve your shot, but it also makes your gun look sleek.


Many beginners may not be as steady as they should. Their hands may shake, or they may have trouble keeping the air gun balanced the entire time. Getting that control can take time, but a bipod can help add stability for various shooting surfaces as you get more comfortable. You can also adjust the height and stance as necessary until you get a better hold on your aim.


No, we obviously do not mean Field & Stream. A magazine is like a gun clip that can feed multiple successive rounds of pellets into your air gun. Having the ability to shoot many rounds quickly can be helpful if your aim is not yet the most accurate. You can spend less time reloading and more time working on getting your shot down.  

With the help of these air gun accessories, you will not only make your life easier, but also improve your shot more quickly. So, stock up and then go crazy.

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