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Necessary Air Gun Accessories – The Best Equipment

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual air gun enthusiast, a pest control pro, or a target shooting sniper, you should invest in the best air gun equipment you can to fully enjoy the activity. When discussing necessary air gun accessories, there is always a debate on what you might consider necessary. And it’s true, what some may find necessary others may think is a waste of money. Why not invest in better air gun ammo?

While we agree that your gun and the ammo you use should be your primary concern, a well maintained air gun will last longer and perform better. If you have invested this much money into the gun and this much time into perfecting the shooting, then you should also invest as much in the best possible air gun equipment you can find.

With that in mind, here are our staff picks for what we consider necessary air gun accessories.

Air Gun Case

You should be taking care of your rifle! Pest control experts spend a lot of time hauling their gun from job site to job site, usually in a cab filled with other tools of the trade and in that shuffle you are bound to get a few dings and even some misalignment. Fixing barrel drop is a pain in the neck and can be avoided with the right air gun case.

Air Gun Bi-Pod

Bi-Pods are one of the most essential air gun accessories for hobbyists and air gun enthusiasts alike. If you care at all about getting comfortable while aiming, you need an air gun bi-pod to ensure you can take your time and line up the shot correctly. Get this one-time air gun accessory and you are set for life.

Air Gun Scope

This should go without saying but we are going to say it anyway! Air gun Scopes are an investment that you will not regret. Sure some can get a little pricey, even going far above $1,000 each, but this is a one time purchase that will completely change the way you shoot.

Bar Gauge

Not sure if it’s barrel droop or air pressure that’s causing your rifle to miss crucial shots? Or are you sick of running out of air at the wrong time completely? Maybe you want to increase your accuracy and use a regulator to get the perfect arc on the perfect shot. That’s where an air gun bar gauge comes in. These are cheap and necessary air gun accessories that you won’t be able to live without.

GoPro Mount

Okay maybe not necessary, but it is a lot of fun! Adding a GoPro mount to your air gun is a great way to relive all those great shots you made out on the range. Some pest control and hobbyists have even turned their adventures with air guns into YouTube channels that are great to watch. Ted’s Holdover is one of the best. Check out his air gun YouTube channel.

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