Daystate Type 2 4500 PSI Compressor 220V

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  • Model: DAY-Comp230Auto
  • Operating pressure: 4500 psi
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Power requirement: 230 VAC Single Phase | 14 Amp
  • Motor: 3 hp
  • Compression: 4 Stages
  • Fill rate: 3.4 SCFM


Daystate Type 2 4500 PSI Compressor 220V


The Daystate Type 2 4500 psi compressor is the perfect match for airgun clubs, shops or the hardcore airgunner who wants the best equipment money can buy. The Daystate Type 2 runs off of 220v so make sure you have an appropriate outlet available. This bad boy can top off your tank to 4500 psi in no time. This quick filling compressor incorporates a water separator and 2nd stage air filter for the purest air. With the correct filter this compressor can even deliver breathing quality air. The Daystate T2 can fill a 75 cu ft carbon tank from 0-4500 psi in less than 20 mins, and most of us will only be topping off from no lower than 2000 psi which is under 10 mins! This compressor also features a large easy to read pressure gauge, hour meter for maintenance intervals, and an auto shut off mechanism.


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