DonnyFL SHOGUN - 1.6" x 8"

  • Available in .25 and .30 calibers
  • Exchangeable threaded end cap
  • Mono-core design to increase accuracy and limits the chances of pellet clipping
  • No moving parts or epoxy that may come loose
  • Precision CNC
  • Sand blasted and anodized
  • Comes pre-wrapped in felt
  • Machined grooves on the outside for easy handling
  • Weight 7.2 oz



DonnyFL SHOGUN - 1.6" x 8"


If you love how quiet the DonnyFL SUMO is listen to this SHOGUN! The DonnyFL SHOGUN is the same diameter as the SUMO but 1.5 inches longer. Adds an additional 1 inch chamber as well as increases the first expansion chamber by .5 inches and the exit chamber another .5 inches. Overall very effective design.

Additional information


.25, .30


M20x1, 1/2×20 UNF


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