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FX Crown Super Light Smooth Twist X Barrel Kit

  • Fixed shroud
  • 1/2 x 20 UNF threads
  • Extra light weight
  • Smooth Twist X system



The FX Crown Super Light Smooth Twist X is the most current design. The plastic disks which suspend the liner within the shroud allow for a more rigid design, as well as significantly reducing the overall weight and droop of the barrel. Unlike other barrels on the market, the rifling is pressed from the outside resulting in a perfect smooth surface. This helps reduce the resistance when pellets glide through the barrel. In turn this also reduces lead deposits and makes cleaning quicker and easier.

*Will need to purchase matching caliber FX Crown magazine separately** 

*Moderator not included*


.22, .25, .30


380, 500, 600, 700


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