FX Dreamline Power Pup CF Bottle

  • Cocking System: Side-lever
  • Stock: Synthetic stock
  • Length: .177/.22: 29” .25/.30: 34”
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Barrel: Smooth Twist X Superior
  • Barrel Length: 700mm
  • Magazine: 21 rd in .177 cal 18 rd in .22 cal 16 rd in .25 cal 14 rd in .30 cal
  • Air Capacity:   480cc
  • Air Cylinder: Carbon Fiber
  • Fill Pressure:  250 BAR
  • Charging: Male Foster QD
  • Trigger Regulator: Adjustable Match AMP Reg




FX Dreamline Power Pup CF Bottle

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The Dream Pup CF bottle adds the option of either a 500cc aluminum 480cc carbon fiber bottle. This raises the already impressive shot count to the same level as the FX Impact/FX Crown.
The rest of the features are unchanged. The bottle is connected via a Dreamline Bullpup bottle adapter which houses the externally adjustable AMP regulator, and male foster quick disconnect fill nipple.
The Dream Pup CF bottle ships with an ergonomic, soft touch synthetic stock. 11mm dovetail optic rail, and new barrel supports have been included.

*Scope, suppressor & accessories NOT included*

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.177, .22, .25, .30


FX by DonnyFL, No


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