FX Impact MKII 700MM Power Plenum Edition

  • Caliber: .22 | .25 | .30
  • Velocity: 910 fps | 900 fps | 870 fps
  • Magazine capacity: 28| 26 | 24
  • Shots per fill: ~120 | ~80 | ~40
  • Side lever action
  •  7.05 lbs
  • 700 mm barrel / 27.5″
  • Hard case included
  • 3 year limited warranty



FX Impact MKII 700MM Power Plenum Edition


More Power More Shots!

  • New FX Power Plenum for FX Impact
  • New gauges
  • FX/Side Shot magazine

The FX Impact MKII 700mm is one of the innovative leaps that have left many in the airgun community awe-stricken. It combines the advantages of a bullpup and traditional rifle without sacrificing any performance or features! It packs an extra-long barrel in a compact design. The FX Impact air rifle is like a bullpup but encases the mechanical guts in the action area like a traditional rifle. This keeps your face away from the smacking of the hammer while shooting and maintains the smooth cocking side lever in a comfortable position so that you can cock the rifle with a quick twitch of the wrist keeping your eyes on the target and keeps that smooth crisp linkage free trigger that only traditional rifles achieve.


The FX Impact MKII 700mm has more of a tactical appeal but don’t let that fool you, it has created a huge following as an incredible rifle for hunting while also winning top spots in professional competitions. The FX Impact airgun comes standard with the Smooth Twist X barrel, FX’s latest and greatest innovation. The Smooth Twist X barrel has the smoothest rifling ever achieved, continuously proving itself in professional long-range competitions.


The FX Impact MKII 700mm can be tweaked and tuned to be the best at whatever you throw at it. It is the most adjustable rifle on the market! Not only is it the most adjustable but it’s also the simplest to adjust by including all the adjustments externally! Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy but with a little time, pellets, knowledge and a chronograph you can achieve GREATNESS. It comes shooting incredible straight from the factory! You don’t NEED to make any adjustments it’s just there for those who want to perfect their game with a variety of different pellets.

Pick up spare FX Impact magazines here!

* Scope & accessories not included *

* Must read manual, adjustments done incorrectly will VOID warranty and cause damage *

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*Post updated on November 27, 2019*

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Black, Bronze


.22, .25, .30, .35


FX Standard, FX by DonnyFL


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