Kraford & Lypt FX Impact KLS-2 Buttstock

**Now comes with short rods compatible with Side Shot mags**

  • NEW rubberized hook
  • Lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum
  • 316 Stainless Steel Rods
  • Removable & adjustable Mono-pod
  • Fits all FX Impact models


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Kraford & Lypt FX Impact KLS-2 Buttstock


The FX Impact has made huge presence in the airgun community. It’s sleek design, endless adjust-ability and top tier performance can now be taken even further. Not only will the Kraford & Lypt FX Impact KLS-2 buttstock look incredible, but it will open up a whole new realm of adjustabilty. Now that your rifle is adjusted to it’s peak performance, why not open up the ability to adjust the rifle to fit perfectly to your body and reach? Every precision shooter knows how important staying comfortable is. Allow the Kraford & Lypt FX Impact KLS-2 to facilitate proper and consistent holds for reaching that next level of accuracy, especially at longer distances. The removable and adjustable mono-pod can be used in place of a rear bag so you don’t have to chug along a heavy sand bag everywhere you go. It also allows you to keep using the rear bag while attached and actually makes the experience much more pleasant! Having the mono-pod and lower steel bar has really made shooting with a rear bag feel much more natural. If you decide to shed some extra weight the mono-pod can be detached from the assembly as if it was never there. The ball is a durable hard rubber that helps prevent sinking into soft surfaces allowing for a wider variety of environmental uses.


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