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LCS Air Arms SK-19


LCS Air Arms SK-19

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The LCS Air Arms SK-19 air is the new generation of semi-auto/ full-auto hammer-less airguns. The SK-19 provides increased rate of fire and extreme power in both .22 and 25 caliber. The LCS SK-19 magazine fits 19 projectiles and will chamber many of the available pellets/slugs. Accuracy is provided by the proven Lother-Walther barrel and tunable regulated action. The regulator can be adjusted by accessing the knob between the shroud and carbon fiber bottle. The adjustable power wheel is located at the back of the action, which provides you with on the fly adjustabilty. The rifle has two safety features for extra peace of mind, a picatinny scope rail and accessory rail.  The barrel is sleeved with a carbon fiber style shroud as well as the airgun silencer. The LCS SK-19 comes standard with a 480cc removable carbon bottle and two pressure gauges for all the necessary pressure information. The full-auto mode will rip through the mag in under 3 seconds!
Includes hard case with securing straps and room for your favorite scope.
*Scope & accessories not included*


.22, .25, .30


480cc, 580cc


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