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Top 3 Shooting Ranges Across Florida

Whether you’re from South Florida or the Panhandle, you have to admit: Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason. There comes a time when you might travel throughout the state to catch up with old friends, family reunions, etc. Whatever the reason, you’re sure going to want to spend some quality time with your airguns. Our team of airgun professionals at Palm Beach Airguns decided to give you a hand by listing the top 3 shooting ranges across Florida.

Naples Gun & Range Emporium

If you’re in the Naples area, give Naples Gun & Range [1] a visit to practice with your fx airguns. This family-owned and operated shooting range has the longest indoor shooting range in town as well as an experienced staff. You won’t have to worry about privacy as the Naples Gun & Range Emporium offers eight extra-large lanes for pistol shooting. The staff does their best to make guests feel comfortable by providing cool air-conditioning and an electronically controlled target system. 

If a first-timer will be tagging along, this shooting range offers a beginner’s orientation on concealed carry and personal safety. Also, if you come empty-handed, Naples Gun & Range Emporium offers over forty firearms for rent, making it one of the top 3 shooting ranges across Florida.

Machine Gun America

Get an adrenaline rush at Orlando’s Machine Gun America,[2] a state-of-the-art shooting range. While providing a safe and secure environment, Machine Gun America allows guests to use their military-grade simulator along with other immersive gaming experiences. With an impressive amount of knowledge about firearms, the staff will give you a rundown on the history and mechanical insights of your chosen firearm.

Lock & Load Miami

Another one of our top 3 shooting ranges across that Florida adrenaline junkies would love is Lock & Load Miami. [3] As both a museum and a shooting range, you get to enjoy the overall experience of a machine gun. As a safe and controlled environment, Locked & Loaded provides the ultimate machine gun experience while letting guests try out their extensive collection of exotic firearms under the supervision of a trained staff member. A museum can also be found on the premises showcasing the history of firearms, battleships, projectiles, missiles, and more.

Want to learn more about popular shooting ranges in Florida or would like to shop our extensive collection of fx airguns? Get in touch with a member of our professional team at Palm Beach Airguns.


[1] Naples Gun & Range Emporium

[2] Machine Gun America

[3] Locked & Loaded Miami

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