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Top Airgun Ranges in the United States

As a die-hard airgun owner, chances are you want to break in your new Daystate Red Wolf or any other of our quality airguns. To do so, you’ll want to venture to popular gun ranges – whether they are local or out of state. Our airgun enthusiasts of Palm Beach Airguns list the top airgun ranges in the United States.

Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club

If you’re within New York state, gun ranges like the Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club [1] is a must-visit. Established in 1934 in Seneca Falls, the Waterloo was originally called Rumseyville Pistol Club and it relocated to Waterloo, New York in 1952.

Visitors get to experience indoor and outdoor shooting settings for as low as $3/hour and protective gear for the eyes and ears is required for shooters using the lanes. Waterloo’s primary objective is to participate within their community by granting Boy Scouts of America, 4H, and other non-profit organizations access to three free sessions every year, giving the children their firearms experience early in life.

Colonial Shooting Academy

Enter a shooter’s paradise at Colonial Shooting Academy [2] in Richmond, Virginia. Your FX Impact will be put to great use as this shooting range offers 51 private shooting lanes created for both novice and veteran sharp-shooters. With over 60,000 square feet, this shooting range also carries a large selection of rifles, handguns, machine guns, along with ammunition – all of which are sold at a reasonable price.

The staff allows shooters to bring their own weapons and ammunition, so you’ll be able to enjoy using your FX Crown – the best air rifle of 2019. If you’d like to brush up on your firearm knowledge, the academy also offers classes on Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, and Conceal Carry.

Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club

If you ever find yourself in the middle of Garden City, Kansas, give Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club [3] a visit for their 24-hour range. This means if you’re looking to do target practice into the wee hours of the morning, they happily let you use the range. The only catch to obtaining a membership at Sand & Sage is that you must be a member of the NRA.

This Kansas gun range offers only seven lanes; however, they’re all located in the great outdoors while meeting NRA and U.S. military safety guidelines. In addition, Sand & Sage only charge $50 for an annual fee.

When researching other top airgun ranges in the United States, make sure to double-check they meet federal or state laws to deem their safety efficiency for an enjoyable shooting experience. Want to learn more about other gun ranges in the U.S. or have questions about our expansive inventory of airguns? Feel free to contact our firearms professionals of Palm Beach airguns today!


[1] Waterloo Rifle & Pistol Club

[2] Colonial Shooting Academy

[3] Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club

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