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Top Concealed Carry Mistakes

No one is perfect. Every now and then we make mistakes that we can learn from. However, making mistakes while being a concealed carrier can lead to serious consequences. With the current increase in concealed carry permit holders, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant as we carry our airguns and firearms. Our experienced team at Palm Beach Airguns lists the top concealed carry mistakes you should avoid.

Lack of Proper Handgun Training

Concealed carry permit holders are to undergo rigorous training that includes specific major topics, basics, techniques, and safety. The training classes must be up-to-date and associated with realistic concealed carry situations you’ll most likely face. Receiving inadequate training is one of the top concealed carry mistakes people tend to make because it won’t properly prepare you for a high-risk situation. If you undergo improper training with incorrect or outdated drills and repetitions, you’ll be wasting your time, money, and ultimately the safety of yourself and those around you due to the lack of guidance.

When shopping around for concealed carry classes, avoid “quickie courses” because you’ll be putting yourself (and others) at risk in the long run. Do your research before signing up for a class and ensure the instructor focuses mainly on proper training and safety, instead of getting the course over with as soon as possible. Our team at Palm Beach Airguns would also like to note that continued education and training in concealed carry situations are extremely important as a permit holder.

Constantly Checking or Fiddling With the Gun

Constantly touching or checking your PCP gun or handguns is another one of the top concealed carry mistakes. With the right holster (and self-control), you won’t have to constantly check if your airgun or firearm is still there. Try to suppress the urge as much you can because you’re repeatedly letting others know that you’re carrying. So, leave it alone!

Using a Low-Quality Holster

Speaking of holsters, wearing a low-quality holster for your handgun is also one of the top concealed carry mistakes permit holders can make. When looking for the proper holster, make sure to look into reputable manufacturers who design holsters for your specific handgun. Sure, you might want to save money by getting that cheap holster you saw on Amazon for $4.99, but you’ll regret being frugal when these holsters start to quickly wear down. There are actually great holsters on the market you can buy that won’t break the bank, just make sure to read up on reviews.

If you’d like to learn more about airgun safety tips or you’re interested in our vast inventory of airguns, feel free to contact a member of the Palm Beach Airguns team at 561-331-6731.

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