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What to Consider When Buying Camouflage Clothes

After purchasing a high power air rifle for your upcoming hunting trip, you’ve figured that you have all you need. However, you suddenly realize you’ll need to wear the proper camouflage apparel as well.  Finding the proper camouflage for the 2019 Florida deer season can be daunting with what seems like unlimited choices. The airgun team at Palm Beach Airguns share a few things you should consider when you’re buying camouflage clothes.


Before looking at other factors, think about the climate in the area where you’ll be using your camo clothes. If you’re hunting in Florida, you’ll need lightweight hunting clothes for the warm weather. If you’ll be hunting further north, however, then perhaps heavier, insulated camouflage clothes for cold weather would be better. To be on the safe side, we recommend purchasing multiple sets of camos if you’ll be hunting in the early and mid-season as the temperature starts to drop.


Keep in mind the terrain or foliage of the hunting grounds when you’re buying camouflage clothes. Hunting clothes are designed in a variety of patterns to mirror specific environments where people frequently harvest. Hunting in the Everglades will call for one pattern while hunting in pines requires another. Determine the type of terrain in which you’ll be hunting to pick the right patterned camouflage clothes for you.


The right camouflage hat is also required when harvesting this hunting season. For warm Florida weather, you should choose a hat made of lighter material while matching your terrain of choice. Whether or not the hat also acts as a visor can make a difference in your hunting experience if you’ll be hunting during sunrise or sunset. It can be difficult to see a deer without a visor to shield your eyes, which can affect your success on the hunt. 

Stay Legal, Stay Safe

Though buying camouflage clothes is the topic of discussion, it would be neglectful not to reference state requirements to wear blaze orange gear during firearm seasons. According to Florida state regulations, deer hunters and their partners are required to wear at least 500 sq. in. of blaze orange garments above the waist when hunting on public lands. [1] However, this rule does not apply to archers during archery-only seasons. If you have plans to hunt outside of Florida, make sure to read up on blaze orange regulations for every state.

You can still purchase camouflage clothes, you’ll just need to wear a blaze orange vest on top and wear an orange hat, if necessary.

If you’re looking for more tips on buying camouflage clothes or would like to shop our extensive inventory of Athlon optics and more, give us a call at 561-331-6731 today!


[1] Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – General Information

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