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Why Use Airguns to Train for Hunting During Off Season

The idea to use airguns to train for hunting is nothing new and any seasoned hunter can tell you that. And as time as progressed and airguns have increased in quality and accessibility, more and more people are deciding to use airguns to train for hunting.

One thing to keep in mind is that air rifles are not toys, especially modern day air rifles. Here are 4 of the best airguns for hunting:

A quick look into any of these rifles and it will be clear that they are high powered weapons. They can be used for hunting small and mid-sized game and require the skills needed to track and approach wild game.

Why Use Airguns to Train For Hunting

  • It’s a great way to start

If you are entering into the expansive world of hunting, you may want to start your long journey with an air gun. If your budget and skill level allows, you might step up to a larger caliber or a more sophisticated air rifle. But this is a great way for beginners to begin hunting.

Even if you don’t decide to use guns for hunting, you should consider airgun shooting great hobby.

  • It’s a cheaper way to practice

Everyone knows and understand that ammo is expensive – gun ammo that is. Metal jacket bullets cost a lot more and fewer shots and these prices difference can be extreme depending on the amount of practice you want to do.

Air gun pellets are much cheaper in comparison.

  • There are more places to practice

You are not nearly as limited by where you shoot your air gun as you are where you shoot any other type of gun. Most states will relaxed gun laws will allow you to set up on your back yard. You can learn more about the United States law related to where you can shoot your pellet gun. 1

How To Use Your Air Gun to Train

  • Create You Course

We recommend using soda cans because they will make a sound when hit. Hang them from fishing line from tree limbs or polls in your backyard. Consider different distances: between 10 to 50 years. Of course, be sure you have a backstop or safe area for pallets to land if you miss your targets. Make sure you are not in danger of hurting anyone.  

  • Moving Targets

Practice your ability to shooting moving targets but swinging the soda cans and then lining up your shot. Practice keeping your eye on the can and centering it in the scope as you smoothly raise the rifle to your shoulder and cheek; focus on the number on the can and concentrate on a steady hold—by holding your breath just before the shot—and a smooth trigger squeeze.

  • Follow A Regiment

No matter if you use airguns to train for hunting or just as a hobby, we highly recommend following a practice regiment and creating a consistent training course for yourself.

Sources: [1]: Wikipedia – United States Pellet Gun Law

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