Athlon Optics

Whether you’re hunting or working on your long-range target practice, you can’t get the job done without the right air rifle scopes. Athlon Optics is one of the top-of-the-line brands in the airgun industry offering UHD and HD glasses, advanced fully multi-coated lenses, aircraft-grade aluminum, and high precision machining parts along with a variety of other features. All our airgun scopes are waterproof, fogproof, and come with a lifetime warranty with no cost to you. We guarantee any Athlon Optics product you buy will be free of defects and superb in workmanship to ensure longevity.  It doesn’t matter if you’re competing in a 10M match or harvesting big or small game, when you’re looking for the best precision, our affordable Athlon scopes for your air rifles can help you make the perfect shot.