An iguana lies off in the distance, sunning himself arrogantly. That bugger and his friends have been eating your plants and wreaking havoc on your wife’s garden for far too long. You pull out your air gun rifle and turn the barrel in his direction. He is pretty far away, but you think you have his number. One deep breath and then you pull the trigger. BANG! Your airgun pellet misses his scaly body and he scampers into the water before you can get another shot at him. You missed your chance. It is either because you have a horrible shot (not likely), or you don’t have the right equipment for such long-distance shooting. You bought what you thought was a precision air rifle, but without an air gun scope it is not enough. You want to feel like you are right there next to your target and that you can confidently follow its every move if necessary. An air gun scope will magnify your target and make long-range shooting easy. Even if you can boast about your 20/20 vision, we can pretty much guarantee that you do not have hawk eyes, and an air gun scope zoom will still help. Shop our store to get the air gun scope you need so that you know you can get that sucker next time on the first shot.