Barrels & Liners

An airgun is only as good as its airgun barrel. Arguably the most important part of an air rifle, airgun barrels are a key component to your gun. You need an airgun barrel that is in great shape so it will only enhance your shooting performance, not hinder it. You want a smooth, sturdy, and rigid design that will reduce resistance of your airgun ammo without having to sacrifice power or accuracy. A high-quality air rifle barrel will also reduce the amount of lead deposits and make the cleaning process easier. Do not forget about a good airgun liners. Airgun liners can enhance your performance by improving accuracy and consistency for slug shooting. Whether you are an amateur that is new to the game or an experienced professional that has been shooting for years now, you want and need equipment you can trust. With brands like FX, we carry only the highest quality airgun liners and barrel kits because we only want the best for your airguns. Get the most for your money with products that not only last for a long time but also improve your shot. At Palm Beach Airguns, we believe in only elevating the quality of products for the airgun community. ​​​