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The best air guns to hunt iguanas are those that can kill them quickly and thus more humanely. The trick is to find an airgun that is powerful enough to reach the distances you create between you and the iguana while also doing the job immediately. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best air guns to hunt iguanas:

FX Wildcat MKII

The FX Wildcat MKII Compact is a powerful air gun with a new externally adjustable AMP regulator. Making it a great air gun for iguana pest control because of its versatility. Adjust your airflow as needed for long distances. This air gun also gives you the ability to hunt more than just iguanas thanks to the regulated airflow and overall control of the power.

The gun comes with a 3 year limited warranty! Starting at $1,349.99.

Brocock Bantam Sniper Huma Regulated

Regulated is the name of the game when hunting iguanas. Brocock Bantam Sniper HR is powerful when it needs to be and it comes with a 480cc CF bottle, which gives the rifleman all the juice needed to take care of a major infestation without the need to continually add compressed air.

This comes with a Picatinny scope and accessory rail which means it’s ready to go. Starting at $1,399.99

FX Impact X 600mm

If you want speed and distance, then the FX Impact MKII 600mm is the best air gun to deliver both. The varied calibers (.22, .25 and .30) give this air gun a range of velocity at 910 fps, 900 fps and 850 fps, respectively. Purchase includes a hard case which is perfect for pest control on the go.

The gun comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Starting at $1,999.99.

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma Regulated

You can’t get more a more traditional look than with the walnut stock sporter that is the Daystate Huntsman Regal. Though powerful at short ranges, you should opt for the larger .26 caliber to humanely hunt iguanas effectively.

This gun is bolt action. Starting at $1,299.00

Rules for Hunting Iguanas in Florida

Florida does consider iguanas a pest and you are legally allowed to kill them. But like any pest control, the trick is to make sure you are hunting them humanely. You can legally shoot them if you aim to kill with the first shot. You are not allowed to freeze, drown or poison iguanas.1

Iguana pest control requires the best airguns on the market to kill them quickly and effectively. To learn more about the best air rifles for hunting iguanas, or to shop our large inventory of pellet guns for hunting, call a member of our team at 561-331-6731 today!


[1]: Sun Sentinel – How to kill an iguana (legally)

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