Daystate Delta Wolf

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The Daystate Delta Wolf is the first to adopt the advanced tactical form factor that has proven to be very popular across multiple disciplines. The Delta Wolf is the world’s most technologically advanced airgun on the market!

At its electronic heart, the Delta Wolf has next-gen touch screen Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) which enables the selection of pre-set caliber-specific power levels. AVT is also Bluetooth enabled to connect to other devices and is designed to accept future upgrades and technological innovations, helping to make the Delta Wolf future-proof.

The incorporation of an onboard chronograph furthers its customization. Users can also adjust the pressure in the on board Huma-Air regulator and exploit the benefits of the biggest-in-class 34cc plenum.

A higher-capacity magazine system taking between 8 and 13 shots is cycled with a smooth side-lever cocking action. This lever can be swapped to either the left or right side in a matter of minutes.

The Delta Wolf is available with 430mm and 600mm ART certified barrels. An oversized 30mm diameter carbon shroud reduces muzzle blast considerably and the addition of a 0db silencer makes the rifle that much more silent.

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