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FX Crown Continuum MKII

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  • 28% larger plenum
  • Integrated 20 MOA picatinny scope rail
  • lateral barrel screws for easy removal and better harmonics
  • Superlight STX barrel with fixed shroud and suppressor

The dramatic evolution of airguns has ramped up demands from shooters worldwide and we have seen an increased desire for more air flow and power in our air rifles. Whereas other FX rifles can more easily add plenum space and valving for these demands, a traditional rifle like the FX Crown was limited for these demands… until now! The FX Crown MKII brings more power and even more capabilities to an already near perfect platform.

The increased power available in the MKII comes down to a combination of valving, porting, and plenum space. The plenum of the FX Crown MKII has increased 28% over the previous model! This larger plenum works in tandem with the porting and a new larger valve on the MKII (6.5mm valve). The combination provides spectacular results.

Other changes to the Crown include a 20 MOA angle built into the picatinny scope rail. With airgunners able to shoot at longer distances, this canting of the scope base at the front is what allows for more usable elevation adjustment in the scope at longer distances

The new versatile FX Crown Continuum bring you the best of both worlds. This new addition stars a shorty 380mm barrel AND a 700mm match-winning barrel!
The FX Crown compact 380mm Smooth Twist X barrel was born with maneuverability for the hunter in mind. This truly compact FX Crown is a superb hunting platform for those extra thick outdoor environment. The FX Crown Continuum also comes standard with the sought after 700mm Smooth Twist X barrel, which is a first for the Crown platform. You get TWO barrels at merely the same price point as the traditional FX Crown.
Both barrels introduce the all new FX Superlight STX barrels. The Superlight STX uses new engineering that holds the STX liner. The heavier steel tube liner housing is gone! It is now fitted in a robust barrel attachment that results in a more rigid barrel.

Extra FX Crown magazines recommended!

*Scope & accessories not included*

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Short Description:
  •  Synthetic: 5.5 - 5.85 lbs
  •  Wood: 6.5 - 6.85 lbs
  • Cocking System: Side lever
  • Stocks:  Synthetic | Walnut | Yellow Jacket | Hunter Green | Black Pepper
  • Length: 380mm: 35” 700mm: 48.5”
  • Barrel Barrel

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