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A Guide to Competitive 10m Air Rifle Shooting

Recently, our airgun enthusiasts discussed how Mehuli Ghosh won gold in a 10m air rifle event and why her score was world record-worthy. This type of competition has influenced the advancement and innovation of airgun technology over the years. The competitive sport of air rifle shooting has made it possible for airgun enthusiasts such as yourself to not only use airguns in competition but also use it in serious hunting. Though competitive 10m air rifle shooting is basic in structure, it takes years of experience and dedication to master. Our professional team at Palm Beach Airguns has provided an exclusive guide on the competitive sport with a detailed explanation.

The History of 10m

If you’re new to the realm of airguns, you might be wondering: what exactly is a 10m air rifle shooting? Well, envision aiming a high power air rifle at the period at the end of this sentence and hitting your target exactly. Now, try shooting the period repeatedly in a series of 10 shots with the help of physical endurance and resilient determination. That’s the competitive sport of 10m air rifle shooting.

Every four years, many compete in this sport at the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF), the Olympics, and the annual national championships. Up until Ginny Thrasher snagged the first medal at the 2016 Olympics, [1] shooting an airgun in an Olympic event wasn’t even a thought for most. In fact, 10m air rifle shooting events have been part of the Olympics since the early 1980s and general shooting competitions have been part of the Olympics since 1896 in Athens. [2]

The Basics of 10m Air Rifle Shooting

When participating in an air gun competition at the Olympic and World Championship level, you’re allowed to only shoot in a standing position. During national competitions in the United States, the NRA allows two additional positions: kneeling and prone.[3] It’s worth noting that when someone discusses 10m air rifle shooting, they are referring to the highest level, so standing is the only position to focus on.

10-meter air rifle competitions are usually long – 60 shots fired within 105 minutes for men and 40 shots in 75 minutes for women.[4]  However, local organizations tend to include women competing at the same level as men. Because of this, 10m air rifle shooting may be the most equal playing field between the sexes.

If you’d like to learn more about air gun competitions, or you’re shopping for the best air rifle scopes on the market, contact our air gun store in Florida at 561-331-6731 today!


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