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Omega Air tanks provide a portable solution to stay aired up while out at the range or on the hunt! 4500 psi simple and easy to use valve. Allows precise control while filling your rifle by restricting the flow rate out while still allowing air in unrestricted for a quick refill. All come with a 1 meter no kink hose which work flawlessly even when tied in a knot. The HP3 valve includes an additional gauge that reads tank pressure. Great add on to keep track of where your tank is at without having to pressurize the system to measure whats left.  Once you become an avid airgunner these will become your best friend! They are a very worthwhile investment. There's nothing like being able to shoot all day without breaking a sweat. Higher end rifles require higher pressures to be able to use them at their full potential which will not be reasonably achieved with a hand pump. Store Clean and dry air with Omega Air tanks and you won't regret it!

Fill these with your own compressor!

Current Tank Dates:

  • 100 cu ft Patriot | N/A
  • 100 cu ft INOCOM | 08/23
  • 75 cu ft INOCOM | 09/21
  • 18 cu ft INOCOM | 08/23

*Make sure to ask which valve works best for you based on your local shops/equipment. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you if you have any questions*

*Bubbles/yellow hue in gel coating is normal*

*Tank life starts at manufacture date. All tanks will have at least a few months of life when delivered* 


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