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Air Rifles

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Ready, aim, and fire. Maybe you are a hunter in the off-season looking for more target practice. Perhaps, you have some major pest control you need to take care of. Maybe you are just looking for a new hobby that puts power at your fingertips without all of the red tape and expenses that come with owning a regular gun. No matter the reason, you are looking for something more. You need something that is authoritative, precise, and gives you a thrill every time you pull on that trigger. You need an air gun rifle, and we can help.

Air rifles are the happy medium between great power and good control. Palm Beach Airguns has a collection of the most favored high-end air rifles. Never struggle landing that first shot hunting in the field or nailing those bulls-eyes at the range again! We carry FX air guns, Brocock, Daystate and Diana airguns because they are the most prominent names in the industry. We want our family to only have the best!

We are passionate and want to share that excitement with you. Scroll through our selection to find the new air rifle for you and join our air gun community. You won’t regret it! When you have the right gear in your hands and you know it’s performing well, only then can you truly begin to improve on your shooting abilities.