Side Shot Scope Cam Phone Mount

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The Side Shot scope cam is an adaptable mount for your smart phone, so you can conveniently record all your shooting! It has a wide range of adjustments so you can make it fit the majority of phones, no more need to buy a new mount for every new phone. It has the ability to jump from one gun to another in a matter of seconds! You just need to buy spare clamps for however many guns you would like to be able to switch quickly between. What separates the Side Shot scope cam from competitors is that it allows you to shoot you rifle as if there was nothing mounted! With the use of a small prism it allows you to shoulder the rifle and look through your scope as usual while recording!

You can leave the clamp installed on the scope so you can quickly slide on the Side Shot scope cam mount and start recording in seconds!


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  • Quality Aluminum & Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Light Weight
  • Innovative Design
  • Quick Detach/Exchange
  • 1 in / 30 mm / 34 mm
  • Wide Range of Adjustabilty
  • Fits Majority of Smart Phones

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