Umarex Hammer

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Power without Powder

The .50 caliber Umarex Hammer didn’t alter the laws of physics. It just took advantage of them. The Umarex Hammer’s primary objective was to accelerate a greater mass faster using technology, ingenuity, and a big .510 caliber barrel. Unlike a traditional firearm, the Hammer doesn’t generate a comparable report or recoil signature. A shooter in a hunting situation will not need to wear hearing protection when shooting the Hammer. The recoil of this big bore air rifle can best be described as a firm push, not a sharp kick like other rifles would give. The Umarex Hammer is not just another air rifle. It’s made for hunting big game.

LightSpeed™ is Possible

The sheer energy and three full-power shots delivered by the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer is achieved through its proprietary, patent-pending, Lightspeed valve. The innovative engineering used to design this internal mechanism coupled with a .510 caliber, 550-grain lead slug is the recipe for making over 700 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Almost as impressive, it only takes about two pounds of effort to operate its straight-pull bolt. This short, effortless action is all it takes to cock the rifle and advance the 2-shot magazine.

Umarex Hammer™ Ballistics Data: Speed and Energy Generation

Possible results:

Grain Material FPS Energy
200 Lead 1055 495
250 Lead 1000 555
275 Lead 945 545
300 Lead 930 576
330 Lead (Lyman) 935 641
350 Lead (Lyman) 875 595
550 Lead 790 705
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