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BEST Fittings FX Buddy Bottle Fill Adaptor with Quick Connect

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BEST Fittings FX Buddy Bottle Filling Adaptor with Quick Connect

Allows you to fully recharge an FX buddy bottle by itself, whilst off the gun.

Fits all BEST Fittings and OEM FX Buddy Bottle Valves and Air Reservoirs / Air Tubes.

The BEST Fittings FX Buddy Bottle Filling Adaptor mechanically opens the buddy bottle valve to prevent the possibility of unseating the OEM valve assembly.
Other units on the market use the ingoing air pressure to open the bottle valve, but the OEM valve design is susceptible to coming apart requiring removal of the valve, and re assembling.

Instructions for use:

  1. Partly screw the adaptor into the valve of the buddy bottle to be filled. If air starts to vent through the adaptor, simply back off until it stops.
  2. Connect the filling equipment Foster Style snap connector to the BEST Fittings FX Buddy Bottle Filling Adaptor via the quick connect nipple.
  3. Close the bleed valve on the filling equipment.
  4. Now fully screw the adaptor into the buddy bottle valve using light thumb pressure against the control bar as required. You will feel slight resistance once the fill valve opens, and the pressure gauge on the filling equipment will register the contents pressure of the buddy bottle.
  5. Fill the buddy bottle to the desired pressure in the normal way, and close the filling equipment valve.
  6. Now partly unscrew the filling adaptor about 2 turns using steady thumb pressure against the control bar.
  7. You can now vent the filling system to depressurise the filling adaptor and hose. If air continues to vent after a couple of seconds you may need to unscrew the filling adaptor a little further to take the pressure off the fill valve pin.
  8. You can remove the adaptor without causing any damage to the buddy bottle without venting the filling equipment, but this is not recommended as there will be quite a lot of air escaping from the filling equipment.

Fits all FX Removable Buddy Bottles.

  • FX Crown, FX Crown Arrow
  • FX Impact, FX Impact Mk11
  • FX Boss
  • FX Royale 500, FX Royale 400
  • FX Verminator, FX Verminator Extreme
  • FX M3
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