Bunkerkings ESC Pods - 8 Pack

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ESC Pod - Smoke - Features

The 140 round Bunkerkings ESC pod is perfect for strapless and strapped packs alike. The ESC pod fits securely into your pack, ejects smoothly when you pull it, and most importantly, prevent lids from accidentally opening. Each package includes eight ESC pods. 

First, the most critical failure point is not the pack, but the pod lid. On other pods, the flared neck and protruded lid tabs bump into each other, causing paint to pour out at the wrong moments. Not so with the ESC Pod- The ESC lid and pod geometry eliminate the flared edges and most importantly recess the lid into a wide thumb groove that won't get opened accidentally from other pods, while diving, and so on.

The ESC pod features a tapered geometry to gently increases pack friction as you load it in. This tapered geometry holds securely place while helping "ramp" the pod out when you pull it during game play. 

Each ESC also pod comes with a foam cushion on the lid that protects your paint and reduces rattling noise from loosely packed and settled paint. The pod body is semi transparent and constructed from high quality plastic that will withstand most abuse. 


  • Strapless Pack Optimized
  • No Spill Lid
  • Wide, Recessed Thumb Grip
  • Paint Cushion, "Silent Running" Lid
  • Tapered Retention & Ejection Geometry
  • Fits all Packs, Strapped or Strapless
  • Dust Coated Texture Grip

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