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The Warm Weather Gear versions are specifically designed for hot environments and areas with heavy sun exposure. They feature two layers of extremely lightweight, breathable, anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, and sun-blocking polyester Rip-Stop material all the way around the waistband. This feature keeps anything carried on the belt from printing (poking out/showing through). The upper portion of the back is vented and lined with mesh (similar to the Cholombia Combat Shirts) to increase air flow and aid in regulation of body temperature. Warm Weather Gear shirts are currently available in beige, and floral base colors.

The All Weather version is almost the same shirt design as the Warm Weather, with two major differences: The All Weather is made from much thicker, heavy-duty materials, and is a closed back design. The All Weather version is not as breathable, it’s not vented, and there’s no mesh netting. The All Weather El Sicario is their executive cut and is similar in appearance to a standard, button-down, high-end luxury sport shirt.

One can quickly remove and reverse the shirt in an emergency situation, thus allowing the camouflage lining on the interior portion to be used to conceal stashed items in nearly any type of foliage. This discreet yet luxurious shirt doesn't just look cool, it allows you to be your own clandestine bodyguard, giving you the full advantage of surprise should you have to escalate a situation to use of arms.

All versions are produced with genuine USA made Pearl snaps, allowing the shirt to be ripped open for quick draws. Coin holders in the front bottom corners of both hems’ aren't just for your lucky coins, the added weight helps the shirt swing clear of your weapons once you've initiated draw stroke. A hidden interior breast pocket with Velcro closures adds a stash spot for a few extra dead presidents (or other valuables). All their covert concealed carry shirts are a stylish mix of solid colors accented with their proprietary floral prints. All Sicario shirts are also made with a camo lining. This allows the user to conceal and stash items in nearly any type of foliage simply by removing the shirt and wrapping said items. This discreet and luxurious shirt doesn't just look cool, it allows you to be your own clandestine bodyguard, thus giving you the full advantage of surprise should things escalate to use of arms.

Sizing runs slightly large to allow for concealed carry under the shirt but otherwise fairly standard to North America. Please check the sizing chart here before ordering!

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