FX No Limit

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FX has contributed immensely to the airgun world. Not only with their top tier rifles but with their accessories as well, this is one of them. We all know that air projectiles are more prone to drop at longer distances, therefore we need to either holdover or use quite a bit of the elevation turret. This is where these bad boys shine like a diamond, no more maxing out your turrets or having to holdover for those far out shots. The FX No Limit mounts have a vertical adjustment built in so you can achieve that extra elevation through the mount. Same concept as the MOA rails long range precision shooters use on their rifles to shoot out to insane distances. Pair these with the MTC Viper Pro and the name says it all NO LIMITS!

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Short Description:
• Available in 1 inch and 30 mm
• Easily Adjustable for Height and Angle
• Solid Locking Design
• Adjustable Height 0.170 Inches
• Adjustable Angle +/- 1.5 Degrees
• Width 0.785″
• Weight 4,2 Oz
• Height 0.915″ – 1.085″ (1 inch)<

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