Huma-Air Regulator Rebuild Kit

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A complete set of replacement seals and parts for the Huma-Air regulator 

Although Huma-Air's regulator is built with only high quality materials, a seal can wear over time.

The set contains:

  • A double replacement set of seals for the regulator piston and the set screw.
  • All external o-rings of your regulator.
  • A replacement specimum of the special delrin valve disk.
  • A syringe with high quality silcone grease to lubricate the internal regulator parts.

*The Gen 3/AMP Rebuild Kit is compatible with the following regulators:

FX Impact Gen 3/FX Crown AMP/FX Maverick AMP/FX Wildcat AMP/Dreamline AMP/FX Panthera AMP

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