Huma-Air Thick Silicone Grease

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This thick, lubricating 100% silicone grease can be used for maintenace in- and outside your PCP air rifle. Silicone grease can also be used inside the pressure containing parts of your PCP like o-rings and other moving parts.

A product with many applications like casting reels, rod parts, buses, hinges, plastic drawers, wheels of prams and shopping carts, zippers (also of tents), curtain rails, car sliding doors.

You can use this Silicone Grease for the maintenance of all o-rings in your air rifle, like the internal pressure tube o-rings, pellet probe o-rings and of course it can be very usefull to lubricate the cylinderwall when you are fitting a regulator inside the pressure tube. Only a few drops will be sufficient to maintain your rifle.

Available in 20 gram/ml jar. 

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