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The PR5 ULTRA Stiff rail is designed and manufactured in the USA! 

Introducing the revolutionary rail designed specifically for the FX Panthera, crafted with the durability competition shooting demands.

This isn't just another run of the mill rail that is only marginally better than the OEM. This PRS rail sets a new standard for strength, surpassing anything else available on the market. Unlike our competitor's rails, our innovative design eliminates the need for clamping to the Panthera's plenum or shroud. No more worrying about set screws or rubber balls interfering with your POI. This rail is engineered to be an order of magnitude stronger, allowing it to be suspended beneath your barrel system without ever touching the barrel during operation.

Strength isn't the only advantage. The PRS rail also features Mlok slots positioned higher than the OEM rail. This strategic placement enables you to easily attach and adjust different weights on the sides of the rail, without any interference with the ARCA rail on the bottom.

The bridge, sold separately, attaches to the threaded holes on the top of the rail, rather than the side like the OEM rail and others. This provides you with the freedom to utilize the Mlok slots wherever you place the bridge. The top section of the rail is littered with M3 threads spaced 40mm apart, offering flexibility in bridge placement. This becomes particularly advantageous for shooters utilizing NV/thermal units.

This PR5 rail boasts an ergonomic and comfortable barricade stop, specifically designed to provide a restful grip for your hand. Not only that, but the barricade stop sits slightly lower than the OEM's, allowing you extra room to maneuver and rock your rifle on popular bags like the Game Changer.

In terms of weight, the PR5 rail without the bridge comes in at a substantial 1.5lbs. This is the sweet spot for dialing in your rifle to YOUR specifications. Unlike other rails that weigh you down with tacky brass EVERYWHERE, you can balance your rifle perfectly buy adding much less weight and not overdoing it. For reference, the OEM rail only comes in at 8.5oz or ~0.5lbs.

Why is this rail so much stronger? K&L has eliminated the use of the OEM bracket with three holes on either side to connect the rail. Instead, it bolts directly onto the face of the main block. This innovative approach mitigates sheer stress by utilizing the bolt's horizontal force vectors that pull the rail into the block, leveraging the block's vertical surface. While no unsupported rail can be entirely devoid of flex, K&L  incorporated a trench with a 1-degree angle that dips towards the front. This ensures the rail flexes without ever making contact with your barrel. The 1-degree slope of the trench provides ample clearance while integrated optimal rail thickness for maximum strength.

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