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With slug shooting, the quality of the ammunition is imperative for accuracy, especially at long distances. One of the best ways to effect premium accuracy is to have a pure lead slug. But with lead being so soft, you can only produce a pure lead slug by hand (machines can’t be used). Introducing Javelin Slugs from Patriot Outdoors. Hand swaged slugs that are all manually checked and packaged in the Western Cape of South Africa! Javelin slugs are designed to travel long distances with minimal influence from external factors. To do this, Javelins incorporate a tangent ogive and smooth shank which reduce drag through the air. The weight distribution and balance provide stable flight, even in turbulent conditions. This ensures an optimum BC across a broad range of barrel designs, twist rates and velocities. Plan on hunting? You won’t find a more devastating hunting slug! The combination of pure soft lead, a deep hollow point and a large meplat mean that explosive expansion takes place on impact, dumping most of its energy within the first few inches – Exactly what’s required for small game hunting. Ballistic Coefficient data for all our slugs has been published to help you predict the trajectory & retained energy at any distance. This info has also been added on the Strelok Pro app, which turns your smartphone into a ballistics solver. However, the data was calculated under specific atmospheric conditions with specific barrels, and results may vary as these conditions change. It is suggested to use the “Trajectory Calibration” feature on your ballistic solver to true the BC and validate the trajectory. Javelin Slugs will initially be offered in 4 sizes in .22 caliber (sized in both .217 & .218 to accommodate different barrels between manufacturers). A 40gr .22 caliber Javelin will be introduced in early 2022 as well as .25 & .30 caliber offerings. Hand-swaged, pure lead slugs from South Africa!


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