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FX Hybrid Slugs | 100 count tray

**100 count trays**

  • Slug/pellet hybrid design
  • Extreme expansion
  • Shoots best with STX pellet liner
  • Increased ballistic coefficient


FX Hybrid Slugs | 100 count tray

The FX hybrid slugs benefit from the external dimensions of a high ballistic coefficient slug design, but have a completely hollow core and recessed base. Therefore making it light and easily shot accurately by most PCPs. With these FX hybrid slugs you can achieve velocities and trajectories much greater than any other slug or pellet. The FX hybrid slug will provide a flatter trajectory, less wind drift, retained energy at longer distances, and more accuracy at those distances than any pellet. The hollow core provides massive expansion, incredible for hunting.


.22/22 gr, .25/26 gr, .30/44.5 gr, .35/68 gr


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