FX Impact Double Bottle Adapter


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FX Impact Double Bottle Adapter

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Tools needed:
  • 15/16 Socket
  • 14mm Socket

We recommend a qualified professional install this adapter: 

  1. Take off the air tank
  2. Degas the gun
  3.  Use a 15/16 socket to remove OEM FX air tank adapter
  4.  Attach FX Impact double bottle adapter by hand tightening first, then use the 14mm socket (recommended torque spec is 125-inch lbs DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN)
  5.  Thread the first bottle on either side and stop before the valve is depressed
  6. Thread the second bottle and stop before the valve is depressed
  7. Now fully thread both bottles simultaneously (system works in series, air will leak out of opposite side if not done at the same time)

FX Impact MKII tank gauge is too large and must be replaced with a smaller size to fit correctly.

Order the additional 480cc bottle here: FX carbon fiber bottle


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