Huma Mod 50 Standard


Huma Mod 50 Standard

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Modular Airgun Silencer or Moderator, MOD50-4/0 pre-assembled with a 4 modules (Standard)

This silencer, or moderator is the largest in diameter in the range of Huma-Air modular air moderators. It consists of an extra long start chamber with vent holes to dissipate the excessive air from the muzzle blast and it is equipped with fixed threads (available in several sizes) three extra 40 mm long volume chambers and an endcap. All these four chambers are filled with wired metal inserts wrapped with our special Kevlar ® enforced ballistic fibers to minimize the sound. Despite the large dimensions of this moderator we succeeded to keep to weight extremely low with just 311 gram, what makes it suitable for many air rifles
This system allows you to configure your own silencer in term of length, caliber, volume chamber size and content of the internal silencer chambers.

Optionally you can add or remove volume chambers with different length, volume and internals.
By mixing these variables you can influence the frequency and output decibels of your silencer and adjust them perfectly matching your rifle.

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.25, .25, .30, .30, .35, 1/2×20, M14x1.25, M18x1


1/2×20, M14x1.25, 1/2×20, M14x1.25, M18x1


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