Omega Trail Charger

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  • Runs on 12V/110V (inverter included)
  • 4500 psi max output
  • Adjustable auto shut off
  • Air & water cooled
  • Portable design
  • Moisture bleed knob
  • Perfect for remote locations/hunting


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Omega Trail Charger


The Omega Trail Charger carries on the Omega reputation of high performing products. This version is truly designed for portability. It can run on a 110V wall outlet with the included inverter or even your 12V car battery! The Omega Trail Charger is air and water cooled in a self sustained system, no buckets or external cooling necessary! Hassle free refilling in remote locations especially with the adjustable auto shut off feature. Set the desired pressure and let the compressor do it’s job!

The Omega Trail Charger is able to fill your rifle directly or even a bottle. The approximate time to fill a 190cc reservoir from 1800psi to 3300psi is two minutes thirty seconds. The Trail Charger when tested on a 480cc carbon bottle from 1800psi to 3500psi, it filled it in an approximate swift eight minutes and thirty seconds. The recommended cycling of the machine is thirty minutes run & twenty minutes cool. This would even allow you to fill larger tanks with cooling and moisture bleeding it properly. During another test the Trail Charger filled a 18cf tank from 0 to 4500psi in only ninety minutes of run time. The primary function of this portable compressor is for filling your rifle directly or smaller tanks. A water site-glass, grease pot for internal lubrication, bleed valve to remove moisture, burst disc, breaker switch, cables for car battery use, 110V inverter, rubber feet and carry handles included.


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