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Western Airguns Sidewinder Compact "Snakelet"

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All New Compact Version Of The Sidewinder Airgun!

This new bad boy is a slimmed down and shortened version of the popular Western Airguns Sidewinder. The barrel has been shortened to 17” to keep it compact. This specfic model does come standard with a 0DB compact moderator 110c threaded directly onto the barrel making it right at 26 inches in overall length. Along with the shorter barrel the Sidewinder Compact also comes standard with a 300cc bottle which pairs perfectly with the design. Although significantly shorter and more compact, The Sidewinder Compact still pushes a huge amount of power in each of the 3 calibers it is available in (.22/.25/.30). This is the ultimate hunting set up for any serious air gunner. 

In .22 caliber this beast can push up to 63FPE, in .25 caliber you can get up to 70FPE and in .30 caliber you can get up to 96FPE. Pair those power numbers with the compact size of the gun 

*Scope & rings NOT included*

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