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Western Airguns Rattler .30 & .357

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Western Airguns Rattler .30 & .357 

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The Western Airguns Rattler has just hit the ground and ready to make an "impact" in the airgun market! The Western Airguns Rattler comes in both .30 and .357. This rifle is made with the highest quality parts and engineered to withstand a good beating in the toughest shooting conditions. Some of the included features are the 580cc bottle, adjustable regulator, and a hammerless system producing incredible shot-to-shot consistency. A knurled throttle silver knob located just below the high capacity magazine for on the fly velocity adjusments. The Hammer Forged Nitrate Coated TJ barrel provides unmatched accuracy, producing sub MOA groups at 100 yards. At 21mm, the fixed Titanium magazine has enough depth to accept some of the longest slugs on the market today. The Western Airguns Rattler is topped with a 20 MOA Picatinny scope rail, dual side rails, and a Picatinny bottom rail for  bipod/accessory.  Last but not least the Western Airguns Rattler is equipped with dual safeties, an AR compatible grip, and removable bottle for quick refills in the field. Larger game, long range target shooting, and easy pest control are standard fare for the Western Airguns Rattler! 

  • Overall Length: 40"
  • Weight : 9 lbs 3 oz
  • Barrel Length: 28" 



  • Full AND semi-automatic!
  • 17 shots at max power
  • Can produce upwards of 175 ft-lbs of energy
  • Can be dialed down to 50 ft-lbs for up to 100 shots per fill


  • Semi-automatic only
  • 15 shots at max power
  • Can produce upwards of 270 ft-lbs of energy
  • Can be dialed down to 90 ft-lbs for up to 75 shots per fill
  • As comfortable shooting 81 grain pellets as it is sending 174 grain slugs down range!
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