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PBA Portable 4500 PSI Compressor

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Palm Beach Airguns brings you an affordable portable 4500 psi compressor. This little guy runs off 12v DC or 110v with supplied modular plugs. With this modularity you do not need to keep the 12v alligator clips wrapped up on the side of the machine adding extra bulk and inconvenience. Toss the cables in your glove box or trunk and when you need to run off your car 12v you will have them handy. The inverter box is also conveniently installed within the case. Therefore no need to carry around or setup multiple boxes to run off your standard 110v outlet. The pressure gauge integrates with the auto stop and allows you to adjust the set pressure. No more worrying about rifles with different max fill pressures. The auto stop feature also introduces a new alarm system, which notifies you when filling is done and ready to be unhooked from the rifle. The PBA portable PCP compressor has an easy to read digital temperature gauge so you do not exceed the 70 C temp rating. As a high end PCP vendor we always we are always honest with our customers and recommend a HPA SCBA style tank when possible since they are filled with true dry air, preserving the life of your equipment. These compressors get you shooting and are extremely convenient but can never produce the same quality of air.

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