Airgun Magazines

  Stop missing prime opportunities while you’re frequently reloading your air rifle because you kept running out of ammo. You need a solution that allows for fast, uninterrupted shooting, especially if you are a hunter and your focus is moving targets. Not only could your target move out of range while you are fumbling with your gun but every slow reload is ruining your shooting groove. The simplest and easiest way to reload and avoid these problems is with a high-quality air rifle magazine. With a good airgun magazine, you will spend a lot more time shooting and less time struggling with your gun.   Your FX Impact rifle deserves only the very best, so at Palm Beach Airguns, we sell only the best products. Our selection of magazines for air guns are from the top brands in the industry like FX and Diane. Whether your focus is getting the edge over your competition or you are more concerned with just being able to fire off more shots in a shorter amount of time, an airgun magazine can help you do that. Browse our selection and find air rifle magazines that are easy to load and insert with just one hand.